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Life is in your hands

Your life

Your Life

Your life in your hands

From the Stories of Maulana Jalaluddin Romi: It is mentioned that once the old man lived in the mountains and studied his whole life. He was famous for his distinction because of his understanding. From distant cities came to him businessmen, politicians and students. They talked about their difficulties with the old man, he told them about his beautiful and easy solution. Some people who came to him asked questions of knowledge and philosophy. The old man gave them a correct and clear answer in order to make them satisfied. Whatever questions they ask the old man, he always advised them to act now.
The children of the poor workers near the mountain were very naughty and blind, these wicked children often asked straightforward questions to the old man, who answered exactly the clear and correct answer.
One day the head of the child told his colleagues, let's break the old man today, he will not be able to answer our question. This boy grabbed a pigeon in his hands, and thought that I would ask the old man, the pigeon that is in my hands, alive or dead? If the old man says that the pigeon is alive So I can kill a pigeon with my hands full. And if he said the pigeon is dead, So I'll show him a live pigeon. When this boy hid the pigeon in his hands, he reached the old man, and asked the question, pigeon in my hands, he is alive or dead?
So the Great Old Man said: “The pigeon is in your hands. Treat as you like."
Similarly, our future is in our hands, we can also kill it from our actions, and also live by our insight.
Life is in everyone's hands; your destiny can be changed with your own hard work. Whatever you sow, you cut it off. You will get the same thing in life, what do you have the right. The more you work in life, you will get so much from life. your life is in your hands.
It's time to deal with this. You have the time and opportunity. Take advantage of your time to work on your skills. Keep the goal in front of you and plan to achieve this goal. Your plan should be clean and real, and at your level, which you can get.
You must have a schedule to receive it, and set the first goal according to the schedules. What should you do, to get it. Take care of your skills and try your best. The time when you got the first goal, means that you took a step forward to achieve your goal. You have assigned the first destination, now prepare to move forward.

If there is no goal in front of you, then you stand in place, from which there are four ways, and you are in the hands of fate. How he wants to take you. That's why most people say that It's just a game of destiny and was written by fate.
The doctor Napoleon Hill said:
“If you understand that you have reached your destination, then you are traveling on the back side”
If you have a goal, then you choose your own path and use your abilities to reach the goal, you Will force fate, to achieve your goal, and one day luck will be with you.
The way the poet says:
"Dignity is a great thing where you try"
Carries a crown on the head of the poor "
Great scholar John Paul Gessert says:
"A person who does his job well, moves faster and better in the future, the fate of his personality is in his own hands."
Ask parents to take care of their children. Go to school and get information about your children and help them reach the goal of life.
Must know friends of children, what kind of children they are. Stop bad habits, achieve good habits. Do not make children rare and do not leave useless. Teach them how to work. Create a schedule for them and learn how to live according to the schedule.
Teachers must work hard, do not just read, but instead play a role in making students a place of life. Show the right path to the disciples. Thus, the goal of student life should be disciplined and move to the destination.
Often students look at teachers, it shows them a good goal and way to get it. An example of a teacher is like this candle, which lightens others with its light.
Obviously, when the car starts, it means it can reach its destination.
if the car does not start, so what hopes does he have to reach his destination?

Written by Shaikof

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