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Thief is not Alone

Thief Nouro

The thief is not alone
It is said that the thief Nora ( Nouro) used to tell his stories and theft performances to the people when he was old. Nouro says that one day he was passing in front of Moladad's shop in his village when his eyes fell on Moladad sitting in the shop who was counting the money earned by his shop. So he took a couple of steps back and stood in a corner waiting for Moladad to hide the money. After counting the money, Moladad wrapped the money in a cloth and hid it in one of the upper corners of the shop. He locked the shop and went home. When Theft Nouro saw that Moladad had left, he approached the shop and looked around to see that no one was looking around. When he was convinced that no one was there, he broke the lock of the shop and entered the shop. And he already knew where the money was hidden. He easily picked up the money and left the shop.
Going a little farther, Theft Nouro began to think that I had stolen the money, but tomorrow Moladad will lodge a report with the police. So I will be arrested. *
At that time Sultan Khan was the head of the constituency. Theft Nouro went straight to Sultan Khan. And he told Sultan Khan the whole story that he had stolen money from Moladad's shop. What to do now, Sultan Khan listened carefully to Theft Nouro's words and then said. Give me my share, no one's father will arrest you. Theft Nouro gave some money to Sultan Khan. Sultan Khan took the money and put it in his pocket and then said go and greet the police chief and give him his share.
The thief went straight to the police station. The police chief was very healthy and had big mustaches. Theft Nouro went to see the police chief for the first time, so the police chief did not recognize Theft Nouro.
"I have brought the salutation of Sultan Khan to you," said Theft Nouro. The police chief said that he must have brought good news. "Today I stole money from Moladad's shop," Theft Nouro said.
The policeman said, "Okay, give me my share." The rest is up to me. The thief Noro gave some money to the police officer and went back home comfortably. The next day, when Moladad went to the shop, and searchfor his money, but the money was not there. Moladad was very upset because this was the money he had earned all his life. Which were stolen. Moladad went straight to Malik Muhammad (Padbeen – who recognized people by their footprints). Which is called Padbeen. When Malik Mohammad checked the footprints around the shop, he said that the footprints belonged to Theft Nouro and that he had stolen money. Moladad went straight to the police station and lodged a report against the thief Nouro that Theft Nouro had stolen money from his shop. After the report (FIR) was registered, the police officer ordered that the thief Noro be caught.
The next day, the thief Noro was arrested. But the matter was settled. The arrest of Theft Nouro was just an excuse for the police chief to make him believe that he was following Moladad's report. But Theft Nouro flatly denied that he had stolen the money. Therefore, the next day, the police officer ordered that if the thief Noro did not steal the money, then Moladad's son must have stolen it. Therefore, Moladad's son should be arrested.
On the third day, police raided Moladad's house and arrested Moladad's son. When Moladad found out that the police had arrested his son, he accused him of stealing money. So Moladad became very upset. And went straight to Sultan Khan, the head of his constituency (head of village). And asked Sultan Khan to get his son out of jail. "I am sorry that your son has been arrested," Sultan khan said. I will try to get your son released. Yes, you have to do something. Do you want your son or money? Moladad thought that the money was gone and now his son is also going. So he obeyed Sultan Khan and agreed to withdraw the FIR for the release of his son.
On the fourth day, Moladad went to the police station with Sultan Khan. Moladad agreed and withdrew the report. And the policeman released Moladad's son. Theft Nouro was roaming free. What an opportunity for someone to file an FIR against him. One day Pirjan bought a new bicycle from Quetta. And when he got close to the village, he parked his bicycle and started urinating. Theft Nouro was passing by when his eyes fell on PirJan's new bicycle and Pirjan was urinating. Theft Nouro took the opportunity to ride a bicycle. When Pirjan finished urinating, he turned around and saw that the bicycle was missing. The bicycle was stolen. PirJan brought Malik Mohammad Padbeen. When Malik Mohammad checked the footprints, he said that these were the footprints of the thief Nouro. PirJan went to the police station and lodged a report against Theft Nouro that he had stolen PirJan's new bicycle. After stealing the bicycle, Theft Nouro rided to Quetta and sold the bicycle in Quetta. And he came back two days later and when he came he gave Sultan Khan and the police chief a share of the money.
When a report was lodged against Theft Nouro, the police chief arrested Theft Nouro. And after questioning, Noro said he was in Quetta these days and today he is back from Quetta so he doesn't know about bicycles. The police chief ordered the arrest of Malik Mohammad Padbeen, who committed the theft himself and blamed Chornoro. Malik Mohammad Padbeen was arrested. Malik Mohammad Padbeen was worried about how to get himself released. Malik Muhammad's brother Karim Bakhsh went to meet Sultan Khan and told Sultan Khan about Malik Muhammad's release. Sultan Khan said that he would talk to the police officer. Eventually, some money was taken from Malik Mohammad and an agreement was reached that he would not name the next thief Nouro. Malik Mohammad agreed and was released. According to the thief Noro, no one can catch him wherever he steals after that. Due to which Thief Nouro became very famous and he is still remembered as Thief Nouro.
Theft will not end until the thief is eliminated along with the two forces that are associated with the thief. And they support it.
Author Shaykov Baloch

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