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Best Medicine for women

The best medicine for women.

The best medicine for women

Herb's used to clean women's uterus

Baluchistan herbs used to clean women's uterus from infections

Bushes and Herbs names in Balochi translated into English

سبر - SABR - Juice taken from tree

SABR - like a black stone. This is not a stone; It's a juice taken from the tree. It test is very bitter
SABR is the best medicine for women.
Many women do not deliver the baby to the uterus, because there is an infection there.
That's why women do not produce children.
The first thing to endure a child, must clean uterus from the infections.
SABR - the best medicine for cleaning infections in the uterus.
1. It cleanses the infection in the uterus.
2. It is useful for all kinds of infection in the uterus.
3. The best medicine for women to stop obesity.
4. It removes Swelling abscess (گوات گرگ،آلماسک - Almask ) from the body.
5. SABR stops the white water that comes from the female body.

1. Grind and then eat 10 grams with water, one time a week.

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