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talisman amulet

Rat Holes

Talisman amulet

One day a friend said that I have bad eyesight and a Pious man lives a 10 kilometer away from here. Heard that there is great healing in his amulets. You have a car motor. Please take me to this Pious. I said ok I got in the car with two of my friends and drove to the neighborhood where the Pious man lived. After 15 minutes we reached the destination. A man greeted us and seated us in a room. After tea, he said wait a minute. Because the Pious are busy treating other people. After a while we were taken to the room where the Pious was sitting.


The Pious greeted us and asked who the patient is.
Our friend with bad eyesight. "I'm patient," he said. The Pious called him to sit near. And then addressed and asked.
Pious: How long have you had bad eyesight?
Patient: About three months.
Pious: Do you have any enmity with people?
Patient: No.
Pious: Are you indebted to anyone?
Patient: no no.
Pious: Are you afraid in a dream?
Patient: I'm not scared, I'm just a little scared. I sigh.


Pious: Do you have nightmares while sleeping?
Patient: I don't have nightmares. What is seen does not remain.
Pious: Are you married?
Patient: Yes.
Pious: Have you gone to the doctor?
Patient: No.
Pious: Who sent you to me?
Patient: My mother sent me to you. Because they came to you. And God healed her with your amulets.
Pious: It seems that the shadow of a ghost has affected you and because of which your eyes have been affected.
The Pious man got up and went to another room and after a while he came back with two big books in his hand. He put one book on the ground, opened the other and started reading something. Then he took out a white paper and started writing something in it. After writing, he wrapped the paper and put it aside. He wrote five papers and wrapped them. He then addressed the patient
and said:
Pious: These five amulets are written

Hanging a talisman

Hanging a talisman on the door that will not allow ghosts to enter through the door.
The second talisman is to tie on your left hand.
The third talisman is to put it under the head.
Fourth talisman, tie it to the outside gate.
The fifth talisman is to put a glass of water in it and wash the paper and drink its water.
The talisman we give God will heal you in a few days.
The Pious man picked up his books and went back outside.
Our patient friend picked up the amulets and asked us, how much money to give to the Pious.
Another friend said, "Just give him twenty rupees for charity."
I said give him hundreds of rupees for each amulet. If there are five amulets in total, you will have to pay five hundred rupees
after a while, the old man came back. So the patient friend took out 100 Rs. note and gave it to Pious.
The Pious man put a hundred rupee note in his pocket and started thinking..................
only one hundred rupees of five amulets.

consult a doctor

Then he said
Pious: If you are not feeling well with these amulets, then please consult a doctor. Don't bother coming back.
We thanked the Pious and left for our destination.

Author: Sheykov Baloch

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