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At the time when his soul came out of his body, then his body was dry. Every part of his body, like hands, feet, eyes, bodyguard, left the work, and he fell to the ground. Some ran up to him and took his hand, began to check the pulse. But his pulse also stopped working. People called him dead and got to his house.
When the family received the news, they were very upset. The women were busy shouting. The gentleman began to act to bury him. They buy a 10-meter white cloth from the city. Maulvi was summoned. Maulvi and some other people, pulling out their clothes and laying them on the floor. According to the procedure, it was a bath. White clothes were wrapped on it. Later he was put on the bed. Some people went to the cemetery and started digging a grave.
He was lying in bed. During this period his beloved parents and relatives came for his last show.
This time Maulvi announced his name from the mosque and said, come to deserve a reward for participating in the funeral of this man. People began to come to their house to earn rewards, and then bury them.
A little later, Maulvi said: "If the spectacle is over and The dead are ready, then let's take him to the cemetery so that he will be buried as soon as possible.
People quickly moved to the cemetery. On the other hand, they were helped by different people. A short time later, a funeral was placed at the funeral site. The people made five rows, Maulavi stood in front, reading two prayer 2 rak'aa for the funeral. After that, again four people lifted the bed and left on their shoulders and went to the cemetery.
People were in a hurry, and everyone wanted to be buried in his graveyard. After a while people reached the cemetery, at the same time, his grave was also ready.
They dragged the dead body out of bed and put it in the grave, and his face turned to the tribe.
Later, closing the mouth of the wing with stones, the graves began to fill with dust. After filling the grave with dust, put on it the plains of stone on one side, and on the other side to the ground, and tied the stones together with a long piece of white cloth, then the people returned a little.
After this, Maulavi prayed for forgiveness for him, and so did other people. After the end of the prayer, people left his grave and went to their homes.
He was lying here and the grave was so tight that he could not handle himself. The tomb was very dark because of no holes in the grave. Now he realized that it is the last destination. And he started waiting for the resurrection
After a while, one window opened from inside the grave. Two angels stood outside the window, and they both talked to each other. One said that this man made a lot of sin, let's take him to hell.
One of these angels approached them and told him: go to hell.
He said: I did not commit any sin, why do you want to take me to hell?
The angel said: Whenever a door opens on this side of the grave, so that we do not hear people, take them to hell. "
Do not say more. Come on, we do not have much time.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the tomb opened another door, so that there were two more angels.
One of these angels said: "This man is rewarded. Let's take him to heaven. So one of them went ahead and told him Let's go to heaven.
The first angels standing side by side say this man is wicked. And the other one said: "No, it's holy, It was a repetition between them.
So this man said to the angels, "When will the day of judgment come?
The angel said, "The day you were brought to the tomb. From that day the day of judgment began.
Later the angels decided that they took him to the highest Anglic, who is the judge. The angel told the judge, this is a sinner, I must take him to hell. Another said: "No, this is a saint, I must take him to Paradise.
The judge said: "Show me his actions, what he did in his life, so we know what his actions are?
After a while, his deed was brought by another angel. When the judge's speech showed the judge.
So the judge looked carefully. His actions were strange, that he did not even commit sin all his life and did not earn a reward.
He was a neutral person in life. The judge said that this person does not go to heaven or hell. Because at least one reward is needed to get to heaven and at least one sin to go to hell.
His actions are empty. In the end, the judge decided to send him back to earth.
One angel grabbed one hand from one side and the other from the other. He was thrown to the ground. And told him if you want to go to heaven, make at least one reward, and If you want to go to hell, make a sin.
He got another birth on earth. When he got up from his seat, he looked around, so it seemed that this was another area. New people, new buildings, new types of vehicles, and many new cars. He was very surprised. What to do, where to go, how to find your home. Finally thought: let's ask someone to find out where it is. In this area there were trees on each side, a kind of green color. On one hand, he was frightened, because there were no clothes on his body, and on the other hand, he was looking for a man.
After a while he saw a woman, he quietly stood behind a tree and voiced a woman.
The woman was worried when she heard the voice, and looked around.
After a while he whistled.
The woman heard the whistle's voice and was concerned, and thought about it
He realized that the woman was looking for him. Let's show her face. He jerked his face away from the tree.
When the woman looked at him. She began to grumble. The ghost, the ghost and the unconscious fell.
He escaped from there.
Some people came closer to the woman, threw water at her.
After a while, when the woman understood, she began to cry, a ghost, a ghost.
People asked: what happened, what did you see?
The woman said that she saw a ghost. He was behind a tree. People were looking for a ghost. But no one saw anything. Because he ran away from here. Now he was worried about what to do. Because he cannot even see his face, and also the clothes necessary for covering the body.
A man was walking beside the tree. Hide behind a tree, He whistled. The man thought that there was someone here, so he started looking around. He pulled his head on one side the tree, so that man could see it. When the eyes of the man were on it. The man shouted a ghost, a ghost, and fell unconscious.
He ran away from here.
When a man came to a sense. Then people asked what happened, why did you shout? He said that he saw a ghost behind a tree. He whistled. The one I saw was afraid, and I lost consciousness.
Now he was wandering. The one who sees it, is afraid, cried, a ghost, a ghost and unconsciously falls down
In another birth, he became a ghost, and he could not show himself to anyone and could not talk to anyone. He cannot talk to anyone goodbye, and cannot show anybody his face. Anyone who sees this becomes unconscious.
Now he is a Ghost
He cannot do any sin or do any reward.

The End…..

Written by Shaikof

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