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Rate hole

Rat Holes

Rate holes

Rat Hole in Balochi its a term called ‘Mushk Kond’
When I was little I lived in my hometown. The biggest source of farming here was rain water. People have been waiting for months or even years for the rains to come and their lands will be flooded and they will be able to cultivate for their livelihood. If it did not rain for a few years, people would collect money, buy a cow, goates etc., slaughter it and give alms and pray for rain.
Whenever it rained and there was a possibility of flooding, people would carry their shovels and go out to the fields. First of all, they would clear the way for the water coming to the fields so that the water could flow towards the fields easily. The waterway could be two to five kilometers or more.
The principle is the same everywhere, the one whose field comes first, the one who gets water first. Floodwaters cannot be trusted to come at any time of the day or night. Because people's lives depended on the floodwaters, they were prepared for any difficult time.
Whenever a landowner tied water to a field, he would take care of the water all day and all night so that no water would come out of any place. The greatest danger would be from perforated holes ‘Rat Holes. Most of the water would be lost due to these holes. Therefore, the landlord had to turn on the water day or night so that the water would not make its way through the mouse holes. Due to which he would go around the field to make the water safe.
There have been many incidents where people would have gone to their homes after tying water on the fields and unfortunately if the water had made its way through such perforated holes then all the water of the fields would have gone out which would have wasted all the struggle of the landlord and His field becomes dry even when there is water.
That is to say, we work day and night to achieve a goal, and when we get close to that goal, we fall prey to the fact that we have achieved the goal, but we are heading towards these rat holes. They do not pay attention to the fact that even if they are close to the goal, they can lose it and the goal of many years is lost.
Sometimes it happens that we pursue a single goal and focus on it all the time and our attention is diverted from the things around us or the relationships that have taken years to fix and which we have lost can.
We never think of it like the field whose owner left it at an important time and all its water came out because of the rat holes and deserted the field. Despite all the conveniences, our lives can be desolate.

cycle of earning more

There are so many holes in our lives that if we don't pay attention to them, we will face many problems.
We lose the value of what we have in the cycle of finding new things.
In the cycle of earning more, you can lose the money you have.
Lose friends and relatives in the pursuit of self-interest.

Author: Shaikof Baloch

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