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Online MS Excel Test

Online MS Excel Test

Online MS Excel Test

Thank you for visiting our website Online MS Excel Test on Online MS Excel Test is an online computer training company dedicated to providing quality Online MS Excel computer certification And education merchandise to all of us from starting users to committed IT professionals.

Microsoft Excel certification

By visiting our Online MS Excel Test, you have taken the all important first step towards improving your excel skills and market ability. Microsoft Excel certification proves you have the skills required to succeed in today's increasingly tight excel market and earns you instant respect for your excel skills from quality employers nationwide.
Multiple choice test.
Input your name, Father’s name, Email address then Click the "Start Test" button below to start the MS excel exam. A query and the feasible solution alternatives appear.
Select the selection from the list you discover to be the right solution of the question. Clicking on a preference saves it in database as your solution for the question. Each Question has 1, 2 or 3 Marks Use Next button to move on to the next excel question in the test. There isn't any poor marking for incorrect choices selected. You have one minute for every excel question to answer. If there is a confusion to answer, then click next button to continue, otherwise you have lost the test. After you end the check click on the End Test button to post your excel test and see your scorecard.

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What new feature of Excel 2000 allows you to copy multiple items to the clipboard and later paste any one of them?
Workbook Protection
Collect and Paste

Which column follows immediately after column Z in an Excel spreadsheet?
Only Columns A thru Z are Allowed.

Which of the following toolbar buttons would you use to find the sum of a group of selected cells?

Selecting a group of cells and clicking on Set Print Area as shown in the figure below has what effect?
When printing only the selected cells will be printed
Immediately prints 4 copies of the selection
Allows you to change your page setup and margins
Sets a default printer

Autofill is an Excel function that allows you to quickly fill cells with repetitive or sequential data. Which of the following actions initiate an autofill?
Right clicking on the cell and selecting copy then going to another cell and selecting autofill
By selecting Tools>Options form the menu
Clicking on the bottom right corner of the highlighted cell or cells and dragging the box around the desired cells.
An autofill must be initiated form another program.

What symbol must be used to create a formula or function in a cell?
Equal Sign
Quotation marks
@ symbol

What is the effect of pressing Ctrl-B?
Turns autosave on
Closes the active sheet
Toggles bold on or off the selected text
Inserts a page break

The print dialog box allows you to do which of the following?
Change the printer selection.
Print more than one copy.
All of these.
Determine the pages to print.

Which of the following buttons would you use to undo a previous action?

Which of the following buttons would you use to save the current document?

(1) True

(2) False

(1) True

(2) False

(1) True

(2) False

(1) True

(2) False

(1) True

(2) False

(1) True

(2) False

(1) True

(2) False

(1) True

(2) False

(1) True

(2) False

(1) True

(2) False

In the figure below what is the current font size for the active cell?
There is no size

Which toolbar button would you use to merge and center the selected cells?

If the conditional formatting pictured in the figure below is applied to a cell with the value 0 what will be the result?
The format will create an error
The conditional format will have no effect
The font color of the cell will change to red
The 0 will be replaced with AaBbCcYyZz

Which of the following is not a valid way to adjust the width of a column?
Click on the edge of the column and drag to the desired width
Select Format>Column>Width from the menu bar
Right click on the column label and select column width
Select the column and hit the F4 button

Which of the following is not a chart type in Excel 2000?

What is the benefit of pasting a link to another cell?
You should never paste a link to another cell
You can instantly access the internet
The value of the linked cell will change automatically to match the original
Page setup becomes much easier

Which Excel menu gives you the option to protect your workbook, perform a spell check, or create a macro?

Which File menu option gives you the capability to change a pages orientation, headers and footers, and margins?
Page Setup
Print Area

What keyboard shortcut will get you help from the office assistant?

Which of the following keyboard shortcuts can be used to undo a previous action?

Which of the following methods will allow you to toggle different toolbars on and off?
Use the keyboard shortcut Alt-F7 to toggle the toolbars
Right click in the toolbar area and select or deselect desired toolbars
Right click on the title bar and select or deselect menus
Toolbars are preset and cannot be turned off

Which keyboard shortcut allows you to select an entire sheet?

When an Excel workbook is created the default name is?

Which Formla is Absolute reference ?

What action occurs when the Ctrl-End key combination is pressed?
The cursor is moved to the end of the cell text
The cursor is moved to column Z
The cursor is moved to the last cell on the sheet
The cursor is moved to the last cell with data

Pressing which of the following keys/key combinations would move the cursor one cell to the left?
Up arrow

Which of the following is not an option under protection on the tools menu?
Protect sheet
Protect workbook
Protect selected cells
Protect and share workbook

Which keyboard shortcut brings up the format cells dialog?

Which of the following methods is the easiest way to find the name of a particular toolbar button?
Visit the Microsoft website and search for buttons
Let the mouse pointer hover over the button
Press F1 and read through the help file until you come across the button description
Right click on the button and select button name

Which of the following toolbar buttons can be used to copy information?

What would be the effect of the following formula =A1^A2 assuming column A cells 1 and 2 contain numbers?
Change cell values in A1 and A2 to text
Add 1 to 2
Multiply the value in A1 by the value in A2
Raise the value in cell A1 to the power of A2

To select two groups of cells that are not connected you should highlight the first group then hold down the _______ key while dragging the mouse across the second group?

What does the red triangle in the figure below signify?
The text in the cell is too large to be displayed
The cell has a comment
You should drag the corner to copy the formula to additional cells
The cell contains a partial formula or formula error

(1) below and to the right

(2) below and to the left

(3) When inserting a page break into an Excel spreadsheet you should place the active cell _______________ of the desired area.

(4) above and to the left

Yesterday you logon on Internet but today you can't what is the Problem ?

(1) Not Paid

(2) Wrong Email

(3) Wrong User Name or Password

(4) Requird Visa Card

Computer know only one Language its Called ____________?

(1) English Language

(2) Binary Language

(3) Assembly Language

(4) Basic Language

Which type of security software is primarily used to restrict access to ports on your computer?

(1) Antivirus Software

(2) Popup Blocker

(3) Ad Removal Tools Ctrl+4

(4) FireWall

The Ctrl-Ins key combination does which of the following on a Windows machine ?

(1) Copies a selected item.

(2) Inserts text from the clipboard.

(3) Brings up the Start menu.

(4) Prints a screenshot

Which keyboard shortcut can be used to get Dialog Window Format Cells in Excel ?

Which keyboard shortcut can be used to move cursor from one cell to an other on Spread Sheet of Excel ?


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