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thoughts an ideas

New thoughts and ideas

New thoughts and ideas

Today young raise many questions, world is changing rapidly, the need to think more and more organized.
What happens in the life, is faced with many problems.
They do not know about the future.
Economic conditions become weaker.
Creativity does not work.
Intellectuals are enclosed in their homes.
Teachers serve in the king's grief.
Students are not related to education.
Parents are upset for bread for their children, they do not know their children's future.
Neighbors are afraid of the new neighbors.
Friendship in its place, the name of friendship is not seen.
Dry land, longing for a single drop of rain, But the clouds roll in over the sea.
Our land is no less than hell for the birds.
No sign of a smile on people's faces.
Everyone arrested in their actions.
No impacts of worship.
Worship remains only to be seen.
The devil wants to get rid of people.
The world looks on our land, but our eyes to the sky.
The mother looks at her son, but the Son's eyes to the mountains.
The world expects from us to go one step further, but our feet cannot afford to move.
Interest born gay interests.
Big bellies are growing.
Bandits put robbery in broad daylight.
Brutal even looking for signs of violence.
Poverty is growing among the poor, and the people are concerned about two and a half times the food
Dictators visible intoxication drunk chair.
End of the entertaining guests.
Finished receiving hosts.
Buses and lorries signal burst eardrums.
Small children cannot sleep to the sound of the guns echoed in the villages.
Colleges and universities have become parks.
The school became a prison.
Only the name of faith remains, and it shifted in the Desert,
But we are looking for it in the cities.
And its symbols are not visible from afar.
The scales of justice are sold for money.
The judge, who was assigned to the duty of playing the bells.
Attorneys, which were limited to wear three-pieces.
The poor's voice went underground.
Nightingale left to sing a song.
Laila left a beautification.
Lovers confined frantic lover.
Spiritual lover’s left the name of true love.
Love is hot in the virtual markets and it was limited to the mobile
People have effects similar to the animal and
Pets are unhappy with new animals
People are looking for the honor, but
Honor enjoys in the desert.
You are talking about respect, but I only heard the name, and it was buried in the literature
Sir and a glimpse, perhaps, took its place.
Love is dead.
The self-interest market is hot.
Self-respect became jealous of its partner.
Youth’s turned their faces from the future
Teachers quit teaching
Students give up the friendship of books.
There was no start, therefore the end is old.
The Mullah first step was a mosque, but now it races sets to the money.
Slaves are looking for a way to bondage the chains.
Master is committed in an attempt to suppress the voice of slaves.
Obese people are calling on diet and exercise to get rid of obesity.
Our Riches are being diluted because of automatic shutter down strike.
Workers looking their destination behind the leader.
But leaders wear dark glasses over eyes, and sitting in the land cruiser.
The Leader commands one step backward, but Workers are trying to proceed to disobey orders and take a step forward.
Idols were removed from the Ka'ba.
We displayed them through the images.
America access to the Mars.
We are considering measures to cross the final bridge.
Husband vow to not sit in the house.
The wife’s blood sucking diseases.
Positive thoughts become poor.
Negative thoughts began to rule the minds.
We do not know about collective thoughts, but from the Personally thoughts we are worrying ourselves.
Are there still remaining something else?
Please first think then answer my questions.
You are cheating yourself or someone else?
New thoughts lie in the words of Khalil Gibran.
'You are blind
I’m Dumb and deaf
Give me your hand
May be It is possible
For us
Save each other

Written by Shaikof

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