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Ded Body

Ded Body

Ded body

I was a free man. I loved my country, nation, language, culture and customs. I was unable to bear the burden of my nation. I was ready to sacrifice my life for the nation.
I sacrificed all the wishes of my youth for the sake of the country. I left my relatives and went ahead to raise the voice of the nation And joined a organization. Worked together with the organization workers. My nation was a slave of the nations. Precious things of my country were stolen. But my people did not know exactly, The precious minerals of its soil are being stolen away. My country's land was a gift given by God. In her stomach, precious minerals such as gold, silver, coal, copper, gas, petrol, marble, diamond, and many other precious objects existed.

When I came to know that foreigners are going to steal the capital of our nation, then my heart felt a big shock. I started a struggle to inform the nation. Otherwise, I put a contract in front of the party. That is what we have to explain to our people, that one day will come, there will be no precious minerals inside our land, and our investment will end.
The party started supporting my talks. And I was headed for this job. I started preparing a rally and announced to inform the nation. On Sunday, a meeting will be taken to save nation from slavery. So that we can reach our voice to united nations, that foreign-nation slaved us on our soil, and stealing our precious minerals.

My party began to unite on all sides. People wanted to free themselves from slavery. When it became known to the supporters of the occupied government, So they did not like this, So they did not like this. Our people should be freed from slavery, and became the owner of the land.
The government imposed Section 144 and prohibited all the rallies
One day when I was resting in my house, So some of the government's intelligence employees, Whose faces were hidden from the sheets, On the force of the gun I abducted, Black bandage on my eyes, My hands and feet were tied to chains. they put me in the car and left. I did not know exactly Where to take me. After some time, I was removed one place. And started to hit with swords. I cried and said, who are you? And why are you beating me?
I heard Voice, that you are an innocent man of a slave nation. Want to save your nation from our slavery. Now we will close your voice like this. Let's get a lesson from someone else watching you. And the slave does not speak to the nation.
Then the attackers hit me so hard that I fell unconscious on the ground.

I do not know how many hours I lost consciousness. No one did anything to bring me consciousness. When I regained consciousness, then I was very thirsty. I asked for a glass of water.
They gave me a glass of water that was so hot. It did not pass through my throat. After a while I was given a piece of bread. It was so salty. The one who cannot be touched. I do not know how many days I punished the same.
Once I lost consciousness. The man approached me, took my hand and held my finger tightly, another person began to draw my fingernails with a tool.
I woke up and cried loudly, So one of them hit me in the face and bandage my mouth and all the nails of my fingers were removed by power. I never feel such a pain before. I cried in pain.
But my voice could not get out, because I had a bandage, My hands and feet were bound with chains, Because of which I could not even get up. There was no one to hear my voice without God.
But God, too, was not ready to help me at this time.

After a few days these people started stirring me with hot iron. All my body was drunk with warm iron. Later they beat me with stone. It seemed, what started the stone rain.
I'm unconscious Lay back.
When I regained consciousness, I had a bleeding. I was not able to get up now. One of them came and put pistols on my forehead. With the sound of pistol my soul came out of my body. my body was like a dead body. At night my body was thrown toward the road.

In the morning people came to see my body. The police were summoned. after a while the police car got there. then put my body in the car and arrived at the hospital. The doctors postponed my body. but Could not find out who is the body?
And who killed him? After a while newspapers and television reporters came. The newspapers reporters dragged pictures of my face and the television reporters did video recording.
The other day the head of the newspaper was something like this.

"An unidentified person's recovered body near the Road"
I do not know how many mothers' souls were killed, their faces were violated, and they were thrown next to the road. Many people came to see my body in the hospital. My mother was with him, too.

After looking my body everyone went. When my mother approached me. And she carefully looked at my body. But she did not recognize me due to being disturbed. While my hand and foot fingers were also removed.
Because of this, she could not even recognize me through my arms and legs.
And then my mother started to smell my blood. Then it was remembered.
How she brought me.
How did she feed the milk?
How she used to clean my eyes tears.
How she used to feed me with her own hands.
How she used to play with me.
and started crying, there is a "piece of my liver, my son's body."

And fell down on the ground and became unconscious. After all, my body was brought to the parents’ house.
My brother, sister, Mother, father all cried and looked at my body. My neighbors and my relatives also began to gather.
Anyone who saw my body, their tears flowed themselves. My body was so restless that the funeral prayer was not given and was not a bath. I was buried in a cemetery just binding in a white cloth.
Later the supporters of the government began to tract my brothers. Similarly, all my family sacrificed their lives for the nation.
But today I have to say sorry. Instead of being freed from the chains of slavery. Free your country. Stand shoulder to shoulder with the other nations of the world. Some people shine with my body to illuminate politics.
Many people show my pictures in their meetings to illuminate their politics. So people deceive. They also want to follow this path. How I sacrificed my life.
The patriotic supporters are using my body to strengthen their chairs. Many people use my body to deceive the nation. Many of my friends have forgotten the right path by looking at my body. Many people are dealing with my body for their drinks.
I have some friends who are happy to move my ideas.
After my separation, it must have been slow in their movement.
But they endure their lives to save their people from slavery. They know the Enemy shots will end, but their life will not end. They will put the pile of bodies to save their nation from slavery.
But they do not take a step back. Martin Luther King told his nation one truth.
“Nations that stop telling the truth. They are gradually dying.”
The same thing helped Martin Lotter king people rescue from the slavery. And today they stand up with other nations. Because nations do not end with gun bullets. But also ends due to lies, lazy and impotence. ”
The End…..
Written by Shaikof Baloch

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