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Real Story of a Mental

Mental Real Story

Real Story of a Mental

He was in the emotion of juvenility. He met with everyone cheerfully; everyday, on his face there was too much smile, he was searching for new friends. He was talking to the people to smile; he wasn’t backbiting about anyone. No anyone was hurt by him, he loved children. He was respecting elders. He was behaving politely with teachers. He didn’t displease anyone. He had many good habits. He was respecting his parents and they were happy for him. Every time, he met the people, hear them and was ready to help them.
He had a good friend and his friend was a Muslim, but he was Christian. His friend’s father was a Muslim judge. He every day went his friends home; his friend home people were happy from his good character.
One day he went friend’s home; friend’s father Muslim Judge was also present there. The Muslim Judge invited him to Accept Islam, but he said:

I am Christian

I am Christian from birth and my parents and Grandparents Also Christian. We are happy with our religion.

Get Paradise

The Muslim Judge said: if you accept the Islam, then you may get paradise in this world and also that world after death.
He was hearing about after death world paradise, but he hasn’t heard about the world paradise.
He asked for the Muslim Judge: I have heard about that after death world paradise, but I don’t hear about this world paradise. Can you tell me about this world paradise?
The Muslim Judge said: why not.
First, my daughter is virgin of paradise, if you accept Islam, then you can marry with my daughter.
Second, I will make for you home as a paradise.
Third, I give you a share of my property.
This kind of present no anyone did with young Christian, he was a simple boy and he thought that, Muslims Judge’s daughter is so beautiful I will never find this kind of girl, one day I will marry with a girl, why not with Muslim Judge’s Daughter.
I need a place for living, he will do for me home, and I can’t find a better home from this one. My parents are resting home, where from they make home for me. My father’s property is only his salary.
If the Muslim Judge gives me one share of his property, then it’s sure, this world will be for me paradise.
He said to Muslim Judge: I’m accepting your presentation.
Muslim Judge said, ok come with me to Masque. It was evening time; they went to the Masque. When people finished praying then M.J started his presentation and said:

New Muslim

Today one Christian is going to accept Islam, because I have convinced him, let us pray for him God make him a good Muslim, the people congratulated the new Muslim and also to the Muslim Judge.
After presentation Muslim Judge took new Muslim to hospital, and made his all sauna equal.
When he left the hospital, he said to Muslim Judge: I want to go my parents’ home and tell them that I have accepted Islam.
The Muslim Judge said: very good, go and not wait, your parents waiting for you because you have not gone home for two days.
When he went his parents’ home and entered from the door, parents saw him and became happy.
The Mother took a kiss from his forehead and said: where you were my son for two days; we were waiting for you, whose views impressed you?
He replied: Muslim Judge Views impressed me.
A Mother asked, son! I did not understand what do you mean?
He replied: clearly I accepted Islam, I got paradise in this world and also that world and, from your home I didn’t get anything.
When Mother heard her son’s words, she took her head by hand and set down, then looked son’s side, and said:
Ok, my son. You left your father’s and grandfather’s religion and accepted Islam. Now in our poor home there is no place for you. You are allowed, where ever you want to go, get out.
He said: ok mother, I am going. He came out from his parents’ home and, went in the direction of Muslim Judge’s home. When he reached Muslim Judge’s home, then Muslim Judge asked from him:
Are you ok? Why you were coming so hurry?
He replied: My parents omitted me from that home, now I have come to look your paradise.

In the paradise

The Muslim Judge said: my work is done; I make you a Muslim. Now you are in the paradise, I don’t need you, in my home there is no place for you, go and search your place in paradise.
When he heard Muslim Judge’s words, for a moment he stood there without moving, his brain stopped working. Where will he go. He wanted to move, but his legs had stopped moving, he wanted to move his hands, but his hands also stopped working. He started looking here and there, but he did not find any friends, then he started walking on the road side, and talking with himself.
He lost control his body, his ears stopped listing, his tongue started taking automatically. He couldn’t recognize the people. He was going on the road side and clashing with everyone. He was in his city, but he didn’t know anyone.
When the people saw his strange movements, then everyone started talking that, he is a mental.
One old friend saw him, came near him, took his hand and ask, why you are doing this kind of movements?
But he didn’t answer him. Friend took his hand and brought him his parents’ home, when they entered into the home. From home a sound came:
We are Christian and he is a Muslim, in our home there is no place for him, get him out of our home.

out of door

Friend made him out from his parents’ home, and he set down out of door. Friend left his friendship, parents refused that he is their son. His smile of the face is finished. All happiness is scattered; his life was destroyed.
His juvenility did him mental, and from that day he was sitting out of his home door. Now he is out of the door in paradise. He doesn’t know about the world and, he is not interesting with this entire world…..

The End…..

Written by Shaikof


  1. What a sad story. Shame on the Judge(Mulla) for cheating the poor boy. Would be great if you posted a pic of the poor boy.

    1. I saw this man in 2005, when I'm passing near him in street he was sitting out of the door his parents house, but that time I did not take his pic.