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Love story

Love story

Love story of Sabah

After taking admission in college, Rishi thought why he should not be attached with a center to work, after consultation with the friends he started teaching in English tuition center, in this enough expert boys girls also had classes. Rishi was given a period due to his hard work and his intelligence in female classes. Rishi was a straight simple boy. He had no bad intentions and do not look any one with evil eyes. Due to his teaching all students love him a lot. Rishi also loved his students and taught them heartily. In this center a school girl was also reading, whose name was Sabah, Sabah was beautiful and handsome. He loved Rishi’s teaching and simplicity, due to which he looked a lot Rishi with full attention. But Rishi was engaged in his teachings, that is why he did not pay any attention to Sabah. Sabah was Rishi’s neighbor. Sabah thought why I should not read tuition at Rishi’s house. One day Sabah said to her mother.
Sabah: Mother, I want to read tuition with Rishi.
Mother: Ok I will talk to Rishi on this.
The next day Sabah’s mother went to Rishi’s house, she said to Rishi that he should teach tuition to Sabah in his house. Rishi agreed and said no problem. He has time and fixed a time for Sabah’s tuition. Next day he started teaching tuition to Sabah at his home. Sabah was also a hardworking girl. He also came on time and pay full attention, days passed, love for Rishi increased in Sabah’s heart. She started thinking how should she tell to Rishi that she loves him. After some days passed. Sabah said to Rishi.
Sabah: Today I want to read and listen about love.
Rishi: I teach you English, Math, Science and other subject, which are your course books. The book of love is not included in your course, but Sabah insisted, that he teach her about love. Rishi said he does not know anything about love. If you know to tell.
Sabah said
Sabah: look, this English, Math and other subjects I am reading in school. Here I am not interested in them. I want to listen you. I want to see your smile, I want your attentions be fully on me, every time You look at me and I look at you, I do not know anything about love, but I know one thing very well that you have such an attraction that has brought me here. That is making me near and nearer to you, every time I am thinking about you. I want you that you take me on your lap, love me, now my life is useless without you. I do not want anything in life. Because you are in my dreams, and thoughts, you are in my eyes, you are in my plays, you are in my eye sights, you are in my heart, you are my life and world, you are in my desires and wishes, my every moment is now yours I do not know anything about love, but I know I am nothing without you. Now you tell is this love, affection, or flirtation.
Rishi was listening Sabah very carefully, and was seeing sad. Nothing was coming in his mind, what to do and what to say?
His sights were on Sabah and he was starting her, lost in thoughts unaware about world.
Sabah fascinated Rishi and said.
Sabah: are you listening me.
Rishi hesitated.
Rishi: yes, yes I am listening you, but not understanding anything that what to say and tell you.
Sabah: I understood, whatever has happened to me has also happened to you, come and take me in your lap (lap).
Rishi said surprisedly.
Rishi: look Sabah your mother has told me to teach you tuition and it is my responsibility to teach you, if you do not read what will she tell to me, go open the books and read lesson.
Sabah: I am not interested in reading now you are my book, my pen and also paper. I have not come to read in tuition. I have come to read you, tell me about yourself, what are you feeling.
Rishi was not getting anything he could not tell anything that is why he said, leave today it is off day. Tomorrow we will read again. Sabah went to his house. Rishi sat there for some minutes, but nothing was coming in his mind, what to do? He walked slowly near the corner of the Roads coming from his house, on the way Kabir, Rishi’s friend saw him and got surprised that Rishi lost in thoughts is walking slowly near the corner of the roads, Kabir went closer to Rishi, and greeted his and asked him about his whereabouts.
Kabir: what is the matter, to day you are lost in thoughts, not paying attentions to your friends, what is the matter Rishi.
Rishi: Nothing, I am just walking near the corner of the road.
But nothing come in Kabir’s mind, and he did not want to tease, that is why he thought it is better to leave Rishi on his condition. Walking on the corner of the road he forgot to go to center, and went away little bit and sat there. Sabah was wondering in her thoughts, he was confused little bit and was solving it little bit, anyways he did not get anything, that day came house at late night and his health was also not good, Rishi’s mother asked.
Mother: Son, is everything is ok. Today you have come late, it seems that something is not good.
What is the problem?
Rishi: Mother nothing is like this; I am just tired after walking for a long time.
But mother did not understand anything, laid the napkin and food was served, all the family members started eating, but Rishi ate a half bread and stood up from the napkin he did not want to eat food that is why he went to his room, he closed the book after reading half page and relaxed, but he was not relaxed. When Sabah returned home, her Mom asked.
Mother: Sabah Daughter, how was lecture, are you learning anything?
Sabah: Yes Mom I am learning a lot, Rishi is a very hardworking boy, he works a lot on me, I am very fine, thanks mother, you are so nice. After thanking Mom, she laid on her bed and started thinking about Rishi and questioned herself. Does Rishi love her or not. Then consoled herself that Rishi love her.
Second day Rishi went to college, his heart was not willing to sit, he was lost in dreams and was unaware about the college and was wandering, his class fellows were sitting but he was out of class. Rishi was not understanding what to do? Whether he knows about love nor he understands Sabah’s love. But he was feeling something he belonged to such a Society, where lovers had no any importance. Rather lovers looked with evil eyes, while he was teaching tuition to Sabah, he thought if Sabah’s parents got to know this, then they will not leave Sabah for tuition. He could not say his hearts words to anyone nor he could consult his friends.
When there is no value for love in the society so there it is useless to consult.
Second day Sabah went to school. She was lost in thoughts sitting in the classroom. Teacher was teaching Maths, Sabah had opened English book, teacher said this is Maths period not English open Maths book. Sabah was not interested in the books, she closed English book and opened Maths book. But Sabah was busy in Drawing on the book, Saba’s fellow Saima said;
Saima: This is not drawing period; it is Maths period. But Sabah did not listen and kept on drawing, she went home after school and waited for tution time. She went to Rishi’s home at the right time. She became very happy seeing Rishi, her face became bright, Rishi also became happy seeing Sabah.
Rishi: Sabah open books we read books.
Sabah: Sorry I have not brought books today. Because my heart is full of books, I am not interested in the books, I am not getting anything what has happened to me. I just know that my life is useless without you, I want that you take me in your lap.
Rishi: look Sabah, your parents have sent you here for tuition and it is my responsibility that I teach you, I want you a lot, but I also have to fulfill my responsibility.
Sabah: Look Rishi, I had taken permission from parents for tuition it was a pretend to meet you, you do not worry.
Rishi was looking surprised little bit but was happy in heart, and was desirous to take Sabah in lap, but there was fear in his heart, due to which he could not do so, he was looking Sabah very carefully. Sabah shook her hands forward and took his hands and both came very closer. Sabah wanted that Rishi take her in his lap, But Rishi could not do so they both were busy in talks, tuition’s time finished, but they were expressing their love with each other.
Rishi: a lot of time has passed, now you go your home, tomorrow we shall meet.
Sabah went to her home, Rishi went to his room, lost in thought laid on his bed.
From one side there was happiness in his heart and other side fear, but he was wandering between the happiness and fear, where lovers were looked with the eyes of hatred where you cannot tell your heart words. That is why Rishi was thinking this. If Sabah’s parents knew this then they will not let Sabah for tuition he was not understanding that how to make Sabah understand But he was not ready to tantalize her, from one side he was desirous to take Sabah in his lap, but from the Second side he could not do so due to society’s fear. Because he did not want to lose Sabah.
When Sabah returned home it was too late, her mother asked.
Mother: Why today you are late?
Sabah: I had a lots of work that is why became late by saying this she went in her room; mother was not understanding anything that, why Sabah is not talking to her. Sabah lost in the thoughts of Rishi laid on bed to take rest and thought how she should love to Rishi, how to make Rishi understand that she does not want to separate from Rishi for a single moment. That time Sabah’s Mom entered the room when she was lying on bed.
Mother: What is the matter, why you are lying on the bed, is your health good?
Sabah: Dear mom nothing is like this I am tired little bit and have headache in the head, I want to relax.
Mother: Take care of yourself. Do not take too much burden on your head and if headache increased. I shall give you tablets.
Sabah: Nothing is like this, I shall be okay, you do not worry.
Sabah’s mother came out from her room, Sabah was so much lost in her love that she had no care for anyone.
Second day Rishi was waiting for Sabah, lost in thoughts was thinking that how to own Sabah, during this Sabah entered the room.
Rishi: Good you come on the time Now open the books, let’s read something.
Sabah: Look I have not come for reading rather I have come for you, I want to tell you I want to love with you and I want you to take me in your lap, Sabah took hands of Rishi and caught him closer to herself.
Rishi: Sabah you Know what are you doing?
Sabah: Yes, yes I know what am I doing, I am loving with you, Rishi while trembling takes her in his lap. Sabah kisses him, they are unaware lost in loving each other. till here they did not know the time of tuition that how did time pass?
Now daily Sabah returns home late and looks very happy that she has achieved her love, she had stepped in a new world unaware from the society custom and rituals and he had nothing to do with the world. She wanted to settle a new life for herself. She was lost very much in Rishi’s love, when she was with Rishi she would not talk except love and affection with him.
But Rishi did not look her with evil eyes because he wanted to own her forever that is why he wanted to own her according to the customs and rituals of society, Sabah while kissing Rishi said.
Saba: Rishi kiss me, my all body is yours, this life is yours, opened the buttons of cloths of chest and started kissing the Rishi and stuck to him, but Rishi lost in the thoughts did not want to kiss Sabah. Because he wanted to own Sabah.
Sabah: Rishi why you do not want to kiss. Do not you love me or I do not look nice to you?
Rishi: No Sabah nothing is like this, I love you as you love me, I like you but I feel scared little bit from customs and rituals of my Society that is why I do not want to kiss you. I want to own you forever.
Sabah: look this society’s cultures and traditions, rituals all these are outdated things. Do not concentrate on them in this room we both are alone and nobody. I do not care about society let us start a new life.
Rishi: Okay I am with you, But now you kiss until you be mine then I kiss you all my life.
Rishi and Sabah do not know too much about society. Old people say that Love is not a game rather it is a God gifted charisma.
They both were involved in love, whenever Rishi come for tuition, they both express their life and continue this chain.
There Sabah’s mother had become doubtful, that Sabah leaves earlier for tuition and comes late and seems to be very happy. One day Sabah’s mother asked;
Mother: Tell me about tuition how it is going, and tell me about Rishi does he work hard with you or not.
Sabah: Oh, mother I am very happy that Rishi work hard with me he teaches me very well, never remains absent, due to him I am very interested in reading.
Sabah smooched mother and said mother you are very nice you take care of me a lot, I am very happy, mother for night cook rice. Because Rishi likes rice I shall take rice for him myself, whenever mother cooked rice Sabah took rice for him.
After sometimes one-day mother asked Sabah,
Mother: Now you do not go for tuition, read at home.
Sabah: No mother no, I shall go for tuition Rishi work hard with me.
Mother: Look Sabah it is enough now you are in the excitement of youthfulness. By God if something happened between you and Rishi then what will happen, do you know something about our society’s customs?
Sabah: Look mother, I do not know anything about customs and rituals, but I know one thing, Rishi is a nice boy and I want him a lot.
Mother: I had sent you for tuition not for love, if your father knew this then it will be very bed.
Sabah: I do not care about anyone; I love Rishi a lot whether you allow me for tuition or not I will go.
Rishi and Sabah had become very close to each other. Rishi was little bit afraid his society’s cultures and traditions, he did not want something may not happen between them, due to which he could not kiss Saba, one-day Rishi thought why he not tell his parents that he loves Sabah may his mother give him a good advice.
Rishi told his mother.
Rishi: Mother, I tell you a very important talk.
Mother: Tell son, what is the talk?
Rishi: Mother, I love Sabah and want to own her.
Mother: Look son, in the childhood your father has made your engagement with your cousin’s daughter he will never allow this.
Rishi: Look mother, I love Sabah and I want to marry her, father has fixed engagement in the childhood I do not need it all.
Mother: I know Sabah is a nice girl, but what will happen to that girl with whom your engagement has been fixed, and she is your cousin.
Rishi: Mother do not do childish talks, engagement in the childhood is this a talk, all these are outdated talks.
By God if something had happened to me, what would happen with that girl, mother thought little bit then said,
Mother: I cannot tell you anything in this time, its better you talk to your father.
One day Sabah’s father asked his wife.
Father: How Sabah’s reading is going, for how many days I have not seen her, where is she?
Mother: She is in room.
Father: Let me go ask myself.
Father going in the room and kissing his daughter then said.
Father: Sabah my daughter how is you? How is reading, for how many days I have not seen my daughter, what are you doing dear?
Sabah lost in the thoughts was lying on the bed. She heisted little bit and said.
Sabah: Dear Father, I am fine do not worry about me, reading is going on very well, I have learnt a lot.
Father looked Sabah’s face very carefully and said,
Father: Oh what has happened to you I am not seeing any smile on your face, evil eyes have not caught you.
Sabah laughing dear father nothing is not like this.
Father coming out from room asked his wife.
Father: Sabah’s health is not good her face is seeing not good to me, what is the matter?
Mother: Sabah has become adult, any girl who steps in adultery her face changes.
Father: When you had stepped in the adultery, your face also changed, hahaha………..
Mother smiled and while shying said.
Mother: what are you joking everybody faces such a change at this time.
Rishi’s father was a doctor and he was working in Quetta. Now Rishi was waiting for him that when will father come and he will tell him about Sabah’s love.
When Sabah returned for tuition so her face not looking good.

Rishi: Sabah what is the matter, today your face’s happiness is not being seen. Is everything okay?
Sabah: No, nothing is like this, just mother had said that now you do not go for tuition sit at home and prepare.
I said I shall go for tuition at any cost, and I had told her that I love you a lot, during talks we stuck to each other. Rishi took her in lap and consoled her and got lost in each other’s love.
After a week, Rishi’s father retuned to home and then Rishi told his father.
Rishi: Father, I love Sabah and want to marry her.
Father Slapped Rishi and said;


Father: You shameless I have done you engagement with your cousin in childhood. What should I reply her?
Rishi: Father I do not know anything that you have fixed my engagement before or not but I know one thing very well, that I love Sabah and she loves me.
We have come very closer to each other and love each other a lot, I want to marry her.
Rishi’s father was clever and educated and smooched him while taking her in his lap and then told.
Father: Son, sit down, in youthfulness, I had faced in love with a girl it is the talk of that time when I had my work in the hospital newly, so a girl was also working in the hospital whose name was Sameera, she was very beautiful, and she was from Lahore we used to love each other. But your dad had fixed my engagement with your Mother. I told my parents that I love Sameera and I want to love and marry her. So they said it is not possible because we have already fixed your engagement I did not accept my parents’ decision and went to Lahore with Sameera.
Sameera’s parents accepted me as a son and gave me place and said that you both like each other and want to get married and so you are allowed to marry. Then we became busy to get married, before two days from marriage I lonely come out from home and thought that I am married.
Is this right?
Will this girl stay with me in future?
Will my family members accept her?
Will this girl run according to the cultures and traditions off our society?
What will happen to that girl, whose engagement has already been fixed with me?

Anyways more questions I did from myself. Then I felt that whatever I am doing is wrong I came back home and excused from Sameera and her parents that I cannot do this marriage.

Because my engagement has been already fixed and came back home and married your mom. Look son in youthfulness men commits many mistakes and enough in the love of many girls. But it does not mean that you have fallen in love with girl should marry her.
Before marriage think about your house, parents, family society customs and rituals then of course marry.
Rishi: Look father your time was something else and ours is something else. Sabah is own neighbor you know her from childhood we live in one society our culture and society are same. Our living standard, standing and sitting all are one. That is why I do not worry about anything. If there is that is Sabah. I know she cannot live without me. She loves me if you do not get me married with Sabah you will regret then be ready for everything.
Father: Look Rishi now you are first year’s student and Sabah is reading in school you do not have job and money. It is easy to marry, but difficult to run it after marriage. And especially you are a student and your first responsibility is to read and complete your education, then take name of marriage.
Rishi: Dear father whatever you are saying is absolutely right but my heart wants is also right I have promised with Sabah that I will own her forever. If you did not get me married with Sabah you will regret.
Father: Okay son; I shall consult with your mother and then tell you.
There Sabah’s father came earlier and called Sabah.
Father: Sabah daughter where are you I have an urgent work with you.
Mother: Sabah has not come from tuition yet.
Father: What? Still she has not come? What does she do there?
Mother: She might have a lots of reading works that is why she is late.
Father: It does not see me good when she came tell me, Okay.
Mother: Okay, after sometimes Sabah came.
Mother: Why did you late? Your father is waiting.

Sabah: It is okay mom, while saying their she entered the room.
Sabah: Papa; how are you?
Father: Oh Sabah, my daughter where have you gone? Why you come late? What are you doing what are you reading?

Let me also know, how reading is going? Are you getting some benefits from reading tuition or not?
Sabah: Rishi is very nice teacher, he works a lot with me and takes care of me. He is spending his all the time on me. Now I am very interested in reading, that he was a teacher at our school.
Father: Well study by heart, today it is the era of education and without education human is incomplete, yes daughter study by heart so that be a good doctor. Then treat people very well. Sabah’s mother was listening their talks and she did not want that Sabah’s father could know that daily Sabah comes late she was waiting outside for Sabah, Sabah just came out from room, mother caught her hand and took her to the second room and said.
Mother: Sabah I do not want that your father know that you come late daily swear on me tell me the truth, what is reality? Why you come late?
Sabah: look mother, I like Rishi a lot I gossip with him due to which I get late and mother I like him a lot perhaps I have fallen in love with him.
Mother become silent and said.
Mother: Look Sabah if your Father got to know this so he will make your condition very bed, and you do not know that in our society what people will think and say?
Sabah: Dear mom I do not know about society and what will think but I know one thing very well that I love Rishi and every time I want to go near him. Because I like Rishi.
Sabah’s mother went in thoughts, By God if something happened between Sabah and Rishi then society will humiliate us, what way should we adopt to stop Sabah going to Rishi.
Days were passing very fast Sabah and Rishi were coming more close to each other. After a week Sabah’s father returned at night time, called Sabah, but she was not present, asked Sabah’s mother.
Father: Where is Sabah?
Mother: Sabah has gone for tuition and has not come yet.
Father: it is very late what is she doing there? Does not she know situations are very bed she should have been at home before I do not like her this habit, mother became upset and went in thoughts and later on said.
Mother: Now she should finish tuition and should prepare at home.
Father: Yes, you are right she should be stopped to go for tuition further and should be at home.
Mother: Then you tell her personally that do not go for tuition from next day.
Father: Okay I tell her myself, after sometimes Sabah came home, father called her in his room and said.
Father: From today you will not go for tuition, situations are bed you should be at home.
Sabah: Dear Father why, what is the talk? Why you are stopping me from tuition?
Father: We have decided, now go in your room, Sabah went in her room and became bad and laid on bed then went in thought that how she go near Rishi, before tuition was a pretend now father stopped, oh God , what will happen to us?
After sometimes mother laid the napkin all family members sat to eat but Sabah did not come, mother went to Sabah’s room and said.
Mother: Daughter food is ready come eat food./
Sabah: Mother I am not hungry I do not eat.
Mother: Are you okay?
Sabah didn’t reply, mother went back.
When Sabah didn’t come for food, father went in doubt, something is wrong with Sabah that she didn’t eat food.
Second day Rishi was waiting for Sabah at tuition time but Sabah didn’t come for tuition. Rishi became sad and started thinking. She must have a work, it is Okay, she will come tomorrow. Second day she didn’t come for tuition, now rishi became sadder. Third day Rishi went to Sabah’s home; Sabah became happy while seeing him.
Rishi: Sabah; why you are not coming for tuition for two days, is everything okay, what is the matter?

Sabah: Yes, there is problem, I am not getting that what should I tell you. Previously mother stopped from tuition but I didn’t accept her talks, now Father is stopping, says stay at home and prepare. Rishi I am very worried, I will die without you, but what can I do, if I do not do so, then they will be angry from, now you tell me what should I do.
Rishi while listening Sabah seriously
Rishi: I will do something you do not worry.
Rishi came back home, he was looking sad, mother saw him and asked.

Mother: Rishi; You are looking worried, is everything ok?
Rishi: Yes; yes, little bit I am worried Sabah’s father has forbidden her from tuition, previously we meet each other on the pretend of Tuition now how should I meet her. Mother we love each other, today I also went her home, she was very worried. Mother you talk to father so that we could marry.
Mother: Look we have some customs and rituals; Sabah’s parents will decide about her marriage. If they denied marriage what can you do?
Rishi: While worrying, mother you do not talk like this she loves me and I love her, we want to marry each other, what is bed in it?
Mother: Rishi now you are a child, you are not getting, in our society lovers days are counted, they are looked with evil eyes. May God forbid, if Sabah’s parents got to know this you love each other, and many times you meet each other on the pretend of tuition then what will they think? Now be quiet when your father will return home I shall talk to him myself we shall find a solution.
Rishi: Mother you are so nice that Sabah’s mother would have been like this.
There Sabah was finding pretend to meet Rishi she knew that Rishi likes rice, she said to her mother.
Sabah: Mother today you will cook rice, today I want to eat rice.
Mother: Okay daughter! I shall cook rice for you.
Mother begins cooking rice when rice gets ready, so Sabah fills a plate of rice and tell mother.
Sabah: Mother I am taking this for Rishi, he likes rice.
Mother: Okay daughter, situations are bed take care of yourself, and come soon.
Rishi was Sabah’s neighbor, Sabah took rice to Rishi’s home when Rishi saw Sabah coming home so he became very happy, and took her to his room Sabah kept the plate down and took Rishi in her lap, and while kissing said.
Sabah: Rishi I cannot live without you, what should I do previously tuition was a pretend, we daily used to meet each other and now father forbade me, every day I miss you, what should I do?
Rishi: Sabah you do not worry I have talked to my parent, soon we shall get married later on we shall live with each other forever nobody can separate us.
Sabah: Be fast Rishi I am very worried, I want that tomorrow we marry and we both live happily.
There Sabah’s father fell in doubt and started thinking, that there is an incident with Sabah, let us ask her mother, that what is incident?
Father calling Sabah’s mother.
Father: Come here, I have to talk an important thing with you.
Mother while entering in the room asked.
Mother: What is the matter? why you are crying so loudly?
Father: Mention not you sit down.
Mother sits down and looks at the face of the husband.
Father: Yah, I want to ask you about Sabah. She is looking worried there is an incident with her. Do you know? If there is s tell me.
Mother: I do not know about any important talk, previously he used to go to Rishi for tuition so he looked very happy, from the time you have forbidden her from tuition she looks worried.
Father: What is to worry in it, is she to read tuition all the life?
Mother: She is a child she wants to read with Rishi.
There Rishi’s father came home very late so mother was waiting for him.
Father: Oh you, you have not slept yet, it is good that I am hungry bring the food fast.
Mother lays the napkin very fast and gets food ready, father keeps eating food very calmly, mother gets his attention and says.
Mother: I have to tell you two talks.
Father: Is everything ok? What is the matter?
Mother: Look Rishi and Sabah want each other very much, seems they have fallen in love, you go to Sabah’s father for relation, if they agreed then we shall get both married. I am little bit afraid, God forbid if something happen to Rishi.
Father: Well, then what will happen to that girl whose engagement has been fixed with Rishi in childhood.
Mother: Now trend has changed and Rishi is not loving her, he is loving with Sabah they both want each other, I beg you, it is the matter of their life that as soon as possible they start a new life.
Father: Okay, tomorrow night I shall talk to Sabah’s father for Rishi’s relation.
Second day Rishi’s Father along with his one of relations went to Sabah’s home. Sabah became very happy seeing them. She thought in her heart there must be good news. They were made sit in a room and where offered water and tea according to the customs and rituals. Then asked Sabah’s father.

Establish new relationship

Karam Khan: Is everything ok? Sher Khan today how you have forgotten the way and have come to our house?
Sher Khan: We have come for a good tiding. I want that we should establish new relationship with each other. I have come to take your daughter’s hand for my son, and hope you will not deny. Rishi is an able boy he is under graduate you were seen him and you know he has taught tuition to your daughter.
Karam Khan: Very good talk, you have known according to our culture. I will consult my family members then I shall make you listen good tidings.
Sher Khan took permission and left for his home.
Rishi’s mother was waiting for good tidings when Sher Khan returned so mother asked.
Mother: Make me listen what tiding you have brought.
Father: Not important tiding but Karam Khan has said we shall consult and tell you something and we hope that they will not deny.
Mother: Let us well, there is God in there.
Second day Karam Khan called his brothers home and said them.
Karam Khan: Relation has come for Sabah, boy reads in college father is doctor, belongs from a good family and our neighbor, I want to consult with you that Sabah is not only mine but yours daughter, and what do you say about this relation?
From the brothers one of them said, good relation second brother said if you want your daughter get married, my son is also young and yours too, make him your son in law, your daughter will be in your home.
Karam Khan while thinking and said.
Karam Khan: Ok, First your right and your sons if you want I am ready, prepare for engagement.
After a week Sher Khan again came to Sabah’s house and asked about relation.
Karam Khan: I am very pleased to make your son in law. But I consulted my brothers so my one brother said that his son is not married that is why I thought it is my brother’s first right, that is why I want to excuse that we could not do this relation with you.
Sher Khan: Better in it, what you have thought have thought good. Sher Khan took permission and left for home.
Mother: What tidings have you brought for my Rishi?
Father: While taking a long breath, yah, a talk of goodness then became silent.
Mother: Why you are not saying anything tell me fast what did they reply?
Father: what should I tell what had to happen, happened, Karam Khan said, I will make my brother’s son my son in law. That is why we could not make relations.
Mother: Oh God, what will happen to our son and also to that girl who loves Rishi.
There Rishi and Sabah lost in thoughts that with in some days they will get married, they will be together forever.
After some days some women of Sabah’s uncle’s home came and wore a ring to Sabah according to cultures and traditions. If from the side of boy’s girl is liked so before engagement a veil and a ring is worn to the girl. Sabah did not understand she went to her mother and asked.
Sabah: What kind of drama is being playing, and what is happening all this.
Mother: Daughter it is not a drama, your father has fixed your marriage with his brother’s son, after some days your engagement will be held.
Sabah: Mother I do not accept this relation I like Rishi and want to marry him.
Mother: Sabah daughter, the decision of marriage you cannot decide, your father has decided it according to the customs and rituals of society, the boy they have chosen you will get married with him.
Sabah: Mother you know what are you saying?
Mother: Yes, daughter, your marriage has been finalized, after some days there is engagement. Sabah while weeping went in her room. There Rishi asked his mother.
Rishi: Mother what news father brought when shall we get married?
Mother kept her hand on the head of Rishi and said.
Mother: What God liked that happened.
Rishi: Mother tell clearly what father told.
Mother: Son they have denied to get Sabah married with you.
Rishi: No mother this cannot happen, Sabah cannot live without me, she loves me.
While saying he laid in his room. Oh our God, now what will happen to us?
Second day Sabah ran from her home and came to Rishi’s home and entered in Rishi’s room. Rishi became very happy while seeing her. But Sabah was looking very worried.
Sabah: Rishi I am yours only yours, I cannot live without you. My parents have fixed my marriage’s relation with my cousin. I do not accept this relation at all. I have run and came to you. Let us go very far away from here. So that we could go very far away from this city and live our life, my life is yours, wherever you go. Because I cannot live a moment without you.
Rishi was scared, he was not getting anything and while being scared said.
Rishi: No I cannot do so, you are unaware for our customs and rituals, and wherever we shall go they will follow us. And there will be enmity with our family members; you know how much it is dangerous.
Sabah: Look Rishi I have loved you. Now I do not care about this culture and traditions, now my love and life you are.
Please take me away from here.
Rishi: No Sabah I cannot do so now go your home this time I also love you. But it does not mean at all that I elope you.
Sabah: Look Rishi, they are compelling me to get married with my cousin. Tomorrow I shall be his wife what will happen to your love then what will you do?
Rishi: Please Sabah go your home. I shall find a way.
Rishi was not getting anything that what to do? If he eloped Sabah where should he take her? If he eloped her then they will follow and if saw what will happen. This society’s customs and rituals, honor, respect all there will follow us, no I cannot do this.
Sabah being depressed went to her home and laid on her bed and wept. That now what will happen to me? The one I loved is afraid of society, he cannot do any help to me, I love him and want to live with him Now Rishi has two options.
First elope Sabah and marry her.
Second to forget Sabah forever.
But Rishi could not do any one out of these two.
Nor he could have forgotten Sabah and nor he could have Sabah, Rishi colliding her head with the wall in the sadness.

Engagement preparation

There Sabah’s engagement was getting ready very immensely, Sabah’s friends came their home to tell this that they will celebrate Sabah engagement very greatly. But Sabah was worried and tears were coming from her eyes. One friend whose name was Amina asked Sabah.
Amina. Sabah what is the matter. Your engagement preparation is going and you are worried and tears are coming from your eyes. Tell us perhaps we could help you.
Sabah: No you cannot help me, you are also product of this society, where loves are looked with eyes of hatred.
one other friend whose name was Zoya said.
Zoya: Good, good, in whose love Sabah has fallen, oh forget him. That untrue if he could love you he would have not let your engagement be done with another boy. All the boys are untrue lovers. They use girls for their purpose. When their purpose fills then do not give lift to the girls.
Sabah: No he is not such a boy I know him from nearness.
Zoya: Oh leave, now time of love finished, get ready for engagement, make new life and new house, until girls do not get married, till that time they love, after engagement they forget all the love, you also forget.
Second day Sabah’s engagement was about to happen; tents were made ready. Sabah’s father called his relatives, at afternoon time marriage position came, after taking tea Maulvi asked Sabah’s father and brother to come near.
Mulvi: Karam khan, in front of the meeting you your daughter whose name is Sabah and Saddam’s son whose name is Nimran have given them and will give him.
Karam Khan: Yes, I have given and will give her.
Then Maulvi addressed Saddam’s father and asked
Mulvi: Saddam! In front of this meeting, Karam Khan’s daughter, and who does not have another daughter on the same name, accepted her in spousal of your son Nimran, have accept her.
Sadam: I accepted and have accept her.
There nobody asked Sabah that you want to marry with Nimran or not.
Maulvi seemed to be aware of the cultures and traditions, he was nothing to do with this nor he cares for. Because according to the customs and rituals parents decide girl’s future. That is why father did the engagement of his daughter in front of all, after sometimes the marriage possession of man had to leave.

Marriage possession

After few days’ women’s marriage possession arrived, from male side some goods were brought, all the day, day and night girls dances, but Sabah senseless had laid in the house. That what to do, now she was on the mercy of society, society does not want love nor wants to know it because society’s cultures and traditions exist since five thousand years. Nobody wants to change them. If somebody tries to change them. So then automatically he will be rusticated from the society and will be alone. People will hate him, as poet says.
Bringing the heart talks on the tongue we face tension
We had listened, the lovers also live in this town
Sabah engagement happened, and its meaning is this that soon Sabah’s marriage will be done and in future she will be Nimran’s wife.
Rishi was senseless in front of society’s cultures and traditions and Sabah is a girl. Girl cannot confess her love with others, because society does not want that Sabah had given her heart to Rishi. But Rishi had no strength to own Sabah. Sabah searched pretends to go to look Rishi, and talk to him little bit to console her heart.
After sometimes Sabah’s marriage’s preparation will begin. Before one-day marriage, Sabah’s mother calls relatives and neighbors of surrounding, that today it is Sabah’s henna day, so that women according to the cultures and traditions apply henna to the hands of Sabah, at night time relative women get together then they sing and dance, and talked to each other.
Sabah is a lucky girl, that she is getting married with Nimran like boy, on the henna day when girl take henna and enter Sabah’s room so Sabah in the room, sitting like deaf and eyes are down and having veil on her head one women takes henna and sits in front of her and says.
Women: Sabah forward your hands; your hands are to be applied with henna.
Sabah: Says no or yes sitting senseless shakes hands as that her body’s soul had driven.
That women caught the hands of Sabah and drew them forward, and the second started applying henna on the hands of Sabah, after applying henna on the hands of Sabah they started applying henna on their hands, likely they on the day of henna of Sabah they passed day while dancing and singing. Nobody asked Sabah whether Sabah was happy or not, women themselves were senseless in front of society. If Sabah were unhappy nobody could help him.
On the day of henna, a storm was passing on Sabah, and she was not understanding what to do?
There Rishi was not understanding that what he does? Whenever thought he touched his head with the wall.
Second day Nimran’s father got slaughtered ten goats, called all the members of streets on the feast, on afternoon made Nimran take bath wear new clothes, new shoes, new cap and new turban and then made him sit on a new bed laid on a huge garland on which a big amount was stuck on made him wear.
Nimran was very happy, and his mouth was watering, everywhere there was a scene of enjoyment.
At noon time marriage possession arrived, today Nimran was king and he had a minister. Minister every time take care of him, and instructed him in marriage possession there were hundred people, there Sabah was made wear clothes. Veils were worn and was made sit on a new bed and her room was decorated.
Sabah’s condition was very bed. She did not eat food and not drink water, just was sitting like senseless and deaf. But nobody cared for her.
There Rishi was very gloomy, sitting at home in unhappy made and her mother was consoling her.
Mother: Son, do not worry whatever is written in luck that has to happen, God was happy in this. Now what could Rishi do, he was senseless in front of society that is why he had nothing to touch his head with wall.
There was too much rush at Sabah’s home, her all relatives had come, house was decorated, they had arranged biscuits, cakes, pastries everything for the marriage possessions. At 4,O clock marriage possessions came, a new bed was prepared for the groom, he was made sit the bad, first of all they offered water and later on they were asked according to the cultures and traditions.
Sabah’s father Karam Khan took permission from his relatives to ask the purpose of coming from marriage possessors.
In marriage possession a Maulvi was also present, Maulvi sahib took permission from the Nimran to begin discussion.
Mulvi: There is no special discussion with us, we have just come for this better work and nothing everything is better, then Mualvi asked Karam Khan that now you give us your discussion.
Karam Khan: We have no special discussion we were just waiting for you, God brought you, and nothing, everything is okay. After finishing of discussion marriage possessors were offered tea, biscuits cakes and etc, after a small time Maulvi sat near Nimran and called Sabah’s father Karam Khan, now it is time to read marriage, first of all Maulvi sahib addressed Sabah’s father and asked.
Mulvi: What is the name of your daughter?
Karam Khan: Sabah.
Mulvi: Yours daughter name is Sabah, and you do not have the anymore girl of this same name whose name is Sabah, Dowry of 5 lakhs, have you given your daughter to the son of Saddam Nimran.
Karam Khan: Yes, I have given my daughter to Nimran and will give her.

The Maulvi addressed Nimran and asked.
Maulvi : Nimran! Karam Khan ‘s daughter name is Sabah, and he does not have another daughter of this name, you with the dowry of 5 lakhs accepted her and will accept her.
Nimran: Yes, I have accepted her and accept her.
Maulvi represents this three times to the Sabah’s father and Nimran. Then Maulvi reads the pray of marriage, people sitting in the meeting raise their hands for pray. At the end of pray, Maulvi congratulated Nimran and Karam Khan. Then from every side voices rose, happy marriage, happy marriage.
At the time of marriage, nobody asked Sabah that she likes this boy in dowry or not, according to the cultures and traditions, parents decide the future of girl. That is why asking her is not necessary, Sabah had nourished in such a society where she could not tell her heart words, if she could tell, nobody could help her. Sabah was made sit on their bed, and veils were worn on her head, new clothes, new ring of gold, new gold bangles, room was decorated but Sabah was laying senseless, her body was shivering and her hands were trembling, she was not talking to anyone. She had not eaten food for two days, colleagues addressed Sabah and asked.
Friends: Oh Sabah, today is your marriage’s day, day of happiness, what face have you made, little bit uplift your face, look and smile, so that a new brightness be produced in your room, this room is waiting for your smile. Today’s decoration and all happiness is for you, and marriage comes one time in life and today you have made your condition like this. But Sabah did not reply, because Sabah’s no any sense was working.
At night time the return of marriage possession began, the bought goods for Sabah, were being loaded in the vehicles, marriage possessors sit in their vehicles, now it was time to take Sabah, Sabah’s all friends entered in the room of her, wept and wept and waited for Saba’s parents, after sometimes Sabah’s mother entered in the room she also wept seeing the friends weeping, friends uplifted the veil from her face, so that her mother could see her face, when mother saw her, so Sabah’s face had become yellowed, her clothes had become wet due to weeping, she was senseless, body was shivering, mother cried while seeing Sabah and said while weeping.
Mother: My Sabah daughter, my Sabah daughter.
How you have made your condition?
But Sabah did not reply from her side, Now the time had come out of her hands, now mother understood that Sabah’s life has become spoiled and destroyed but what could she do? She was also senseless in front of society.
Preparations were made to take, Sabah’s brother was called Sabah was made to stand and her entire body was covered by the veils, from one side her brother had caught her hand and from second side mother, but mother left her hand and fell on the earth. Then women controlled her mother, on her face some water were sprinkled and little bit syrup were offered to drink, later on instead of mother Sabah’s aunty took her hands and went towards vehicle.

Sabah’s mother was weeping and was saying Sabah, Sabah, and her friends were also weeping, vehicle was standing nearby. Soon she was made sit in the vehicle, along with Sabah three other women also rod in the vehicle. On the right side Sabah’s aunty sat and on the left side other women sat down. They were the relatives of Sabah and Sabah was amidst then bending her head. While Nimran sitting on the front seat left, when leaving of the vehicle Sabah’s mother once again lost her consciousness and fell down, women controlled her and then took her to the room, then cold water were sprinkled on her face, after sometimes mother came in the consciousness and while weeping was saying. Sabah daughter, Sabah daughter. But Sabah had come out from her hands.
There Rishi’s family was invited on the marriage feast, but from the Rishi’s family no one attended the marriage, Rishi did not understand anything and he was wandering like fools outside the city, at night time Rishi came home, mother looking at the condition took him in her lap, and consoled him.
Mother: Son, do not worry, it is all the will of God. Whatever is written in luck that happens? Son, now control yourself, we all are with you.
Rishi’s eyes were red, Rishi’s mother kissed forehead and said.
Mother: Son go in your room and take rest and I bring tea for you.
Mother prepared tea and brought it in the room, Rishi full of tension had bent his head and sat down.
Mother: Son what is happening, what had to happen, happened, now why you are confusing yourself. Son for God sake do not worry yourself, sit down and take tea.
Rishi: No mother, I do not take tea.
After some days Rishi’s father came home and entered the Rishi’s room; looked Rishi, his eyes were red.
Father: Rishi what condition you have made of yourself, being a man you are weeping, control yourself, tolerate, in life you will have to face many difficulties, will have difficulties, will have to face confusions, this is the beginning of life, this is the beginning of love what you weep. Look forward, ahead what happens.
On the direction of life many such processes come, you will have to pass many exam, Sabah was a dream now you forget that dream, work hard, read, get education look into the society you live, try to change the society, did not you think how many such a Sabah’s will be, who would have got married, it is not your fault nor Sabah’s this all is due to unawareness, if you really love Sabah, So get the hand of education, spread the awareness among the people, because still people have no awareness, till that time lovers will have no status in our society. You know, with which eyes Sabah’s family members will be looking you. Many it happens, that something happens with Sabah.
Father said a poetry.
Have come in the world so have to live.
Life is if poison so have to drink it.
After that said to Rishi’s mother, let us laid the food, we are hungry, let us eat food.
Sabah when reached new house so her room was already decorated, women threw toffees, people congratulated Nimran, after having tea some relatives who had come from the surroundings went to their house, some left they were made to eat food.
Minister took Nimran to the room at late night so Sabah’s room was closed, Sabah had her own minister who to open the door according to the customs and rituals was demanding money from Nimran. Nimran took out 100 rupees, she did not open the door and said this is less Nimran took out 100 more than door was also not opened at last Nimran gave 500 then door was opened, after entrance in the room, Nimran was made sit with the Sabah on the bed, then gave Sabah’s hands with Nimran and said Now this is your queen, not left her hand whole life, then women came out of room. Sabah was sitting senseless now she was on the mercy of Nimran. Nimran was very happy from one side and feeling scared, on the other side Because he was talking to his wife for the first time of life.
Nimran addressed Sabah and said.
Nimran: Sabah, I am Nimran your husband.
Sabah did not reply, Nimran thought perhaps she feels shy that is why did not reply Nimran again said.
Nimran: Sabah talk to me I am your husband Nimran, now we both are alone, no else is here. I was waiting for this time a lot, now do not feel shy talk.
But Sabah did not reply, as it was looking that Nimran was talking with the wall. Better in it Nimran thought it is the first day of marriage Sabah is shying he stepped forward and slowly unveiled Sabah.
Sabah was sitting senseless, Noting was coming in her mind. Now she had become the wife of Nimran, nor she could say No nor yes. She wept a lot that her clothes had become wet, often girls on the day of marriage when they go from one home to other they keep weeping because they say goodbye to their homes where they live for a long time.
Nimran was in this thought that is why she consoled Sabah that this house is also yours.
One day you had to leave that house, he cleaned the tears of Sabah with his new handkerchief and took her wife in the lap, smooched her and consoled her.
Nimran: Sabah what had to happen, now let us start the life from the beginning, new house, new relations, new neighbors, new area father in law, mother in law and me is your husband. But Sabah did not talk anything, now nothing was in the head of Sabah, nor she could do anything, he had become aware with the society for the first time that her for lover’s flowers are not laid for them.
Sabah was in the laps of her husband, senseless and her whole body had become cold, for Sabah this life had become meaningless. Nimran switched off the lights and slept.
In the early morning Nimran came out of room, went in the second room and laid down on the marriage bed, family members brought breakfast for the newly married couple, in fact Sabah’s heart did not want to eat but to live alive something is eaten and from the second side if she did not take breakfast what people think. She took a cup of tea.
After sometimes people specially for the new couple came to congratulate they started throwing toffees on Sabah and Nimran, children gathered and collected toffees, three days passing after marriage. According to the customs and rituals Sabah had to control the charge of new house safe drink was already prepared, Sabah was made stand, glasses were filled with soft drink and given to Sabah. Sabah offered sherbet to the all people present in the room.
After sometimes relatives came with Sabah handed over house certain to the Sabah and left. Now Sabah had to control her house herself.
Fourth day Sabah woke up early in the morning prepared tea and breakfast and put them in front of Nimran, Nimran tested the handmade tea of Sabah and said.
Nimran: What a tasty tea have you made? I believed my wife will make tasty tea for me, well Sabah sit with me to take breakfast.
Sabah: No I will take breakfast later.
Because Sabah had loved with Rishi and she had given heart, now of course she was wife of Nimran, but her heart was with Rishi, every time she was lost in the thoughts of Rishi, but now it was very difficult to meet Rishi. Sabah had made her condition in the new house like that she was not her Nimran’s wife rather she was his servant.
Days were passing, conditions were changing people were changing themselves according to the conditions but had not changed.
Nimran wanted Sabah to sit with him and talk sweetly to him, with her husband. And understand each other. They had to live a long life, but Sabah did not change her condition. After some days Sabah’s parents did feast for Sabah and her husband, after marriage according to the customs and rituals girl will not go to her parent’s house until feast is not done for her.
Nimran made Sabah and family members ride the vehicle and started the vehicle to go to the house of Sabah’s parents’ house, while reaching house Sabah’s mother stuck to the Sabah.
Mother: Daughter how are you? Sabah’s eyes were effusing with tears, said in a slow voice.
Sabah: I am well mother. When mother took her eyes up and looked that Sabah was not previous Sabah, her health was not good, she was looking weak, mother while cleaning the tears of Sabah said.
Mother: Daughter what condition of yours have made, sticking with the daughter, mother’s eyes also became wet, took Sabah to the room at that time many people were collected that is why mother controlling herself asked the whereabouts of daughter, there Nimran was also sitting together.
Sabah’s father said,
Karam Khan: Nimran how are you? My daughter serves you are not?
Nimran: Yes, uncle Sabah cooks very tasty dishes, I like her handmade dishes, and parents are also happy that Sabah serves them.
Karam Khan: May it happen, son you pass a prosperous life, it is my pray, that God always keep you happy.
After sometimes supper was arranged, males ate food in other room and females ate food in other room. Nimran passed night here and second day left Sabah at her father’s house and left for his house. Now mother and daughter were together in a room. Mother whisperingly said.
Mother: Daughter what condition you have made of yours? Your face is yellowed have weakened not eating food very well.
Sabah: Look mother now this life is useless, I do not want to live, I have named my life to Rishi, without him life is useless, nothing seems good to me.
Mother: For God sake, do not talk like this, now forget Rishi, you are married make your new house, Nimran is a nice boy at night time he was praising you a lot he is your husband, take care of him, will face many difficulties in future many troubles will come, will have to face them all and will have to help Nimran.
Sabah: Look mother I have truly loved Rishi, and my love is true, you people did not think about me and my happiness, you people (spoiled) ruined my life. Now my living is useless and started weeping.
Mother: Do not talk like this Daughter, I was compelled what could I do? My parents had also arranged my marriage, they did my marriage without my permission, according to our customs and rituals parents decide the marriage of girls, the decision your parents have made is for your betterment, and after a long consideration they did your marriage with Nimran.
Sabah: Look mother every one’s life is in their hands, she can decide about her own future you keeping your customs and rituals in your sights separated my love from me, and now you say this marriage is for your betterment.
Mother: Daughter you are not understanding, now you are married, now if the love’s talks reached to the people so without humiliation we will not get nothing. From every side we shall blame, do not know what people say? In our society lovers have no any value nor you can decide your father. Because you are women caste and they are under the control of man, and they serve their husbands.
Sabah: Till when we the girls tolerate the cruelties of customs and rituals of society. What society has given us? This that whole life within a lawn we serve the man and be deprived of all facilities have changed, world has reached mars and we still live in the lawn of walls and talk about customs and rituals and because of this customs and rituals you snatched my love from me, ruined my life changed my happiness into sadness, is this a life? That your marriage be done with a stranger. Whom you do not know and being unknown from the world and living in a lawn, serving that husband whom you did not love and not want him.
Mother: Sabah daughter you do not know because you are a child, our customs and rituals are our dignity, our honor, those people who forget customs and rituals and accept the customs and rituals of other nations, those nations fail slowly.
Sabah: Mother if in such a customs and rituals where I could not get my love my happiness, and my life on the mercy of others and keep me unaware of the world, and could not do anything for the betterment of my life.
Whole life being in a lawn I should serve the husband, and such a husband who is not my love, so I do not need such customs and rituals, to live such a life it is best for me to die, rather to live.
Mother: Dear do not talk like this.
Sabah and mother’s discussion was continuing, that father entered in the room.
Karam Khan: Sabah daughter, how are you? Living in a new house, are you happy? Sabah in a slow voice said.
Sabah: Yes, dear father.
Father: What has happened to your voice, little bit looks toward me? Tears were coming from Sabah’s eyes she did not talk.
Father: Women are so weak; tears come on the smallest talks from their eyes. Sabah daughter now you are married, it is being one month to your marriage, still you have not forgotten previous memories. Sabah’s mother gets the food ready, I am very hungry.
Mother gets up and makes the food ready, all the family sits on napkin, start eating, Sabah takes two morsels and wakes up from the napkin.
Father: Sabah Daughter eat food, that is why you have become weak, do not eat food.
Mother: She has totally changed after marriage. God forbid something way happen to her.
Father: In the favor of youthfulness human does everything but Nimran is a nice boy. He will take care of Sabah. After all he is the son of my brother, he is also our blood.
Sabah goes in the room and lays down and thinks that how to meet Rishi. Perhaps after marriage he will have forgotten me and considering me disloyal. But Rishi is not such a guy. He must be remembering me. I shall go to meet him. At night time Sabah secretly comes out of home and goes to Rishi’s house. Rishi’s mother becomes happy to see Sabah.
Mother: Sabah daughter how are you?
Sabah: I am fine where is Rishi? He must be in his room; I want to see him.
Mother: Sabah daughter Rishi has gone to Quetta for an important work.
Sabah: When will he come? I want to meet him.
Mother: He will come within one, two days.
Sabah: When he came must tell him that I want to meet him.
Mother: Okay my daughter I will tell him at all.
Sabah without looking Rishi returned home and went to the room and laid there, Sabah after passing a week in her father’s home her husband again took him to their home.
Rishi returned home after some days, mother said to him.
Mother: Rishi son, Sabah had come our home and was asking about you.
Rishi: Very fast, mother where is she?
Mother: Son you were not here; she had come to meet you.
Rishi: Mother how was she looking? Was she alright?
Mother: Yes, she was okay, she was asking about you.
Rishi: And what she said?
Mother: She said she wants to meet you.
Rishi: Is now she here with her parents?
Mother: No son you can’t go her home. Because she is no more girl, rather she is wife of Nimran. If Nimran knew this, then what will happen to her. When she will come to her parents then you must meet her.
Rishi: No mother, I am not understanding what I do, Sabah had told me to elope her far away from this society so that we could live together forever. But I did not do so, that I could elope her at this time we live together far away from society. What happened, now we cannot meet each other.
Mother taking Rishi in her lap.
Mother: No son whatever written in Sabah’s luck that happened, you do not bother yourself. She should be happy with her husband.
Days passed, Sabah was lost in the thoughts of Rishi, Nimran did not like this condition of Sabah, he wanted that Sabah sit with him and talk sweet words, love him, so that they could pass a prosperous life but Sabah had given her heart to Rishi, and was consisting that soul has come out from her body, rather is now a structure that Nimran use it.
Nimran was not tolerating Sabah’s this condition, one day Nimran told his mother.
Nimran: Mother I am not getting one thing, the day I have married Sabah I have not seen smile on her face, perhaps her health is not good she does not talk me anything, you ask her, perhaps she could tell you anything.
Mother: Yes, son I have also pondered, she is lost every time, son God will do better. I will ask her definitely and make her understand if her condition was bad, so will take her to the doctor. Second day Sabah sitting in the room was lost in the thoughts, that suddenly Nimran’s mother entered.
Mother: Sabah daughter how are you, do not come to us at all, you are the decoration of this home, without you this room is nothing, is everything okay? You are looking worried and seen lost.
Sabah: No mother, I am not worried, just sitting like this and thinking.
Mother: No daughter, there is something, that you are hiding from us, Nimran has also felt this if your condition is not good so I shall take you to the doctor. Doctor will do your checkup after taking some tablets you will be okay.
Sabah: No mother, my health is okay, I do not know, why I am not interested, I am not understanding myself, that what is happening with me.
Mother: Daughter God will do better/may it happen, you come out of your room and come to us, talk to us relax yourself, do not think will be alright automatically.
Sabah: Okay I shall try.
Nimran was very happy from one side because he had gotten Sabah like wife but from the other side looking the condition of Sabah he was worried, before he was thinking that after marriage his life will change. Sabah will come in the home and will cook tasty food for him, will take sweaty, he will have babies, he will play with his babies. But by coming of Sabah he had become upset and he was not getting anything, by looking the condition of Sabah that what to do. Now Sabah’s this condition was not being tolerated by Nimran one day Nimran took Sabah’s hands, made it sit and said.
Nimran: Look Sabah, I am your husband, as well as wife is the closest friend of her husband, likely husband is also the closest friend of his wife. Now I am your closest friend. Whom you could tell your heart words. Tell me your heart words, I shall help you definitely.
Sabah: Nimran leave me on my condition, I am alright, I am not getting myself what has happened to me.
Nimran: No Sabah, I tolerated this condition a lot, now tired, you have to tell me the secrets of your heart, I married you to bring happiness but the day you have to come in this home, I have not seen happiness, every time your face is in front of me. Everywhere, every time I am thinking about you. I asked my mother, but nobody replied. Now I have understood that there is secret in your heart that you are hiding from me.
Sabah was not getting anything, that what should she tell her husband and how to tell that she loves Rishi and every time thinks about him, if Nimran knew this then what will he think. Now I am married, with which eyes people look at me, tears were trickling from her eyes. She was not able to say anything.
Nimran stood up and said.
Nimran: I will not stay calm until I do not find the reason of this secret. angrily he came out of home.
Out of home the area was mountainous he went towards mountains he was not getting anything that what to do, this marriage had brought sadness for him, he talked with himself. If I knew there would be tension at our house I would not have married. Do not know how people are living with women. Whenever I go home wife is worried, when I go she lost in thoughts if her health is bed,she would go to doctor, before marriage she was good. Smiled every time, talk sweetly, what happened to her, she is worried herself and made me worried. Nimran was climbing the mountains and was talking to himself. when climbing up the mountains he alone sat on a place and begin to think. At least he decided that he will not be calm until he does not find the reason of her sadness, and her worriment will no finish; Ok tomorrow I shall go to the parents of Sabah and ask them perhaps her mother know something and could help me.
Second day Nimran was rod in the vehicle and left form Sabah’s parent’s house. Sabah’s mother seeing son in law became happy. Swiftly laid a carpet and made him sit, first made him drink water, then prepared tea for him, gave 20 rupees to a child to bring biscuits, child brought biscuits, she put the biscuits in a plate and put them in front of son in law, and poured tea in a cup and offered it to the son in law and said.

Mother in law

Mother in law: Son take tea, you are tired.
Nimran: Yes.
Then mother in law asked the situation.
Mother in law: Nimran how are you, how is your health, how are the family members, how is my daughter Sabah, hope, you both are happy.
Son in law: Yes, yes I am alright, family members are also okay, and Sabah is also okay, everything is okay.
Mother in law: The color of your face is no good, seen to be worried, is there anything special?
Son in law: Nothing is like this I am just tired.
Mother in law: No son, something has happened definitely, because your face is telling that you…….
Son in law: Yes mother, you are right I am little bit worried due to Sabah.
Mother in law swiftly cutting the talk said.
Mother in law: So is everything alright? What is the matter? What happened to my daughter, is her health okay?
Son in law: Look mother, I have married to be happy not worried, the day I have married, from that day I have not seen happiness on her face. Every time she seems lost, she is sad, because of which our whole family and I worried, perhaps you make her understand, so that our tension be removed, or tell me the reason due to which she is worried.
Mother in law after thinking for a while, then asked.
Mother in law: Sabah’s health is okay; she is not sick.
Son in law: She does not tell anything, if her health becomes bad I shall take her to the doctor, so that to treat her.
Mother in law: What could the second talk son, she has not fought with the family members.
Son in law: No mother, nothing has happened, she is like this from the marriage day, I was thinking before that she feels shyness from me. But now my doubt has changed into reality, that there is secret in her heart, which she is hiding from me that is why I have come to you. If you know, so tell me so that I could solve this and tension finish.
Mother in law: No son; I do not know about any secret thing, mother in law after thinking for a while, it is all due to Rishi. Sabah is bearing separation from Rishi, oh God, if Nimran knew this, so what will happen to my daughter? Mother became worried and start thinking.
Son in law: Mother, I have come to take you, and you talk to her and make her understand so that a solution could be found.
Mother in law: Okay son! I come with you.
Mother stood and went in the second room, she was not understanding anything what to do, how to make Sabah understand, she wore a new veil, took some money and said to Nimran, that I am ready, Nimran and mother in law rod the vehicle and departure, home was not too much far away, within an hour they reached.
Sabah stood while seeing her mother, mother took her daughter in her lap and loved her and both sat down, Nimran left both and entered in the second room, and said to his mother.
Nimran: Mother, Sabah’s mother has come, prepare tea for her.
Mother: Okay son.
Sabah’s mother said to Sabah.
Mother: Daughter, what condition you have made of yourself, Nimran is worried due to you, for God sake, it is enough now, start a new life, what had to happen, happened. Now you are married in coming days you will have children, whom you will control, now this is your house, your life, and now you are honor of this home.
Sabah: Look other, I love Rishi, my heart and soul is with him. He is my life, not this house. I have not come here with my intentions, rather you forced me to marry, you ruined my life. Now it does not matter me at all. That what will happen, now my body has become a structure.

customs and rituals

Mother while wiping the tears.
Mother: Sabah Daughter what could I do? Here everything is on the mercy of the society. We have some customs and rituals, have to run according to them, this happens with everyone. But the new life starts after marriage.
Sabah: Yes Mother: you people did not think about my life rather closing your eyes got me married according to your customs and rituals. Now you do not worry about me, rather you worry about your customs and rituals.
Mother controlling herself.
Mother: For God sake if Nimran knew about your love story then what will happen, and if people got to know so whole life will disgrace you.
Sabah: Again this society, society and society.
Its worriment, I have hated this society too much you cannot estimate, what this society has given you, this to separate two hearts.
Women deprived of the whole worldly blessings only serve her husband, has God sent me only for this that whole life, I being in a lawn serve a man.
Whom I also do not love?
Do not I have my own life?
Being in 21st century you people are living in 15th century, I do not want such a customs and rituals. Rather I want my love, your customs and rituals have compelled me so much that I can’t see my love, nor can meet him.
Your society is me and my love’s enemy. Do not take its name next day in front of me, and Sabah’s eyes started tearing.
Mother Taking her daughter in the lap became silent for a which then said in a slow voice.
Mother: Daughter, it was written for you like this from God’s side, what is written from up, nobody can change it.
Sabah: No mother No, from upwards love was written in my luck, you and your society changed my luck and spoiled and ruined it. Because you are also part of this society, now what happens let it happen. I have loved Rishi and will love Rishi. If I do not get Rishi so death is better for me, for dying so one day we have to die, so why I should not die for my love, if I cannot meet him in this world, I shall meet him in the next world, now I do not care about your society and neither I need it. Now what happens let it happen.
Mother: For God sake do not talk like this.
Nimran’s mother “Gul Bakht” taking the tea knocked at the door, and entered in the room, Sabah’s mother (Saqiba) stood in front of her. Both kissed their hands and sat down, according to the customs and rituals asked each other situation, Nimran’s mother while pouring tea looked towards Sabah’s mother tears were trickling from her eyes.
Gul Bakht: Is everything okay?
what happened?
What is matter?
Saqiba: Nothing is like so, have not seen Sabah for a long time, Now by seeing her tears came in the eyes.
Gul Bakht: Well you came. Sabah daughter is lost every time; neither eats in a good manner nor talks. Every time he is upset. Nimran is also upset due to her, perhaps she does not like our home.
Saqiba: It is okay, she is a child now, everything will be okay within some days.
Gul Bakht: God will, they both be happy, and live a happy life.
Saqiba: Yes, I also want this that Sabah and Nimran stay happy, God is kind that day will come soon.
Gul Bakht: Well I go, you talk with each other, stood, closed the door and went in her room.
Sabah’s Mother: Now it is too late, I go, your father will be waiting for me. Once again I give you the curtailing of God, what had to happen, happened. Now you start your new life. Nimran is a good boy, he takes care of you a lot.
Mother came out of room and gave voice to Nimran.
Mother in law: Nimran son, where are you, make me reach home.
Nimran came out of room and replied.
Nimran: Mother I am here let us go.
They both sat in the motor car and departure, while on the way Nimran asked.
Nimran: Mother, Sabah’s health is okay?
Mother in law: Yes son, she is little bit upset, Nothing is to worry she will be alright within some days.
Nimran: Mother God will her worries finish, due to her I am also upset every time. I am not in her thoughts.
Mother in law: Son you stay calm continue your works she is a child, I have made her understood, she will be alright within somedays.
Nimran: God will, she be right.
After sometimes vehicle reached home.
Mother in law: Nimran son let us take supper with us then go.
Nimran: Thanks mother, now I go.
Mother in law: Well son, take care of Sabah and do not take tension.
Nimran: Okay mother.
Nimran again departure for his home. Mother dismounted from the vehicle and entered the room, there Sabah’s father was waiting.
Father: Where had you gone, without telling anyone, you had made me upset.
Mother: Nimran had come, I had gone with him home, to meet Sabah daughter.
Father: Very nice, oh tell me, how was Sabah daughter?
Mother losing the face.
Mother: She was well.
Father: Oh tell clearly, you are looking upset, is everything okay? Any accident has not happened, etc.
Mother: No, nothing is like this Sabah’s health was not good little bit, due to which whole family was upset/.
Father: Did take her to Doctor?
Mother: Nothing was serious, women have a lot of problems, there are some disease, which doctors cannot treat.
Father: Okay then you treated it in your own way.
Mother: Yes, nothing is like this, she will be alright with some days.
Karam Khan did not know about Sabah and Rishi, that they both are involved in their love, and Sabah’s mother was hiding this, she did not want this that karam Khan know, that his daughter loves with Rishi, now mother was scared that God forbid Nimran knew this that Sabah loves Rishi, because in such a society being a wife of Nimran and love another boy then what will be her condition.

Charisma of God

Sabah’s love was not metaphorical rather a real love, Sabah had truly fallen in love with Rishi. True love is not child’s play. Rather a charisma of God, which is not control of anyone, but Sabah could not express her love openly due to her parent’s respect and honor and also due to house respect and honor, but now she did not care about society, she had understood, that this society will not let her to meet her love, she had no helper, that is why every time she was lost and worried in the thoughts of Rishi, due to which she could not do household jobs in proper way. Now she was Nimran’s wife, therefore she had to look food, back breeds, sweep house, wash clothes, polish shoes, serve the guests, serve the father in law and mother in law, every responsibility of house was on her head. But Sabah was lost in the thoughts of Rishi could not work properly. She had no care for Nimran, she was involved in the love. When a human’s thoughts are not towards home, and could not own the home, then what can she do. Sabah had not come to this home with her own well, Rather she was compelled to marry Nobody cared for Sabah’s love and respect, that is why Sabah had no care and respect for this home, she was understanding this that from this life death is better for her, when somebody loved someone and could not get her then what is profit of living.
Nimran was very happy at the time of marriage, he was understanding that after marriage wife will come home, will cook food for him, prepare tea and clean the house and dress and cloths from every perspective will serve him, and he will pass a prosperous life, but he had no knowledge of Sabah’ hearts, he had married Sabah only considering her a girl. But he had no information that girl also has a heart, she can also love someone and can get involved in someone’s love. At last she is also a human, but he had nothing to do with, he was just thinking about himself, that after marriage he will get everything ready.
Nimran returned home after reaching Sabah’s mother to her house, and thought Sabah’s mother might have made Sabah understood perhaps after some days Sabah’s worried perish. He thought to wait for some days, but what to do, it was that Sabah who was not taking the name of change, she was not worried herself rather had also made the family members upset. Now Nimran could not leave it, he thought that at any cost he will find the reason of her worriment because nobody caught the hand of Sabah and asked.
Nimran: Sabah I have tired seeing you upset, due to you not only I am worried but also the whole family is worried.
Today I have decided that to know the secret of your heart so that to remove your worriment.
Sabah: Leave me on my condition.
Nimran: The day I have married you, I have not seen smile on your face and you are saying that you are not upset. Now you are my wife and do not make me more upset, tell me clearly what is the reason of your worriment, if you do not like this house, I shall make another, if you do not like this town I shall shift you to the city, what you want I shall do so. Now my life and your life depend on each other, your happiness is mine, mine is yours, and your sadness is mine, you are worried I am worried now I cannot tolerate you this condition.
Sabah was already worried, and now she became more worried and thought that her husband wants to know her heart secrets, if she told him, so he will not tolerate, Sabah start thinking now what to do? At last Nimran will get to know.
Nimran: Sabah be fast and tell me.
Sabah: Give me some days I shall be right.
Nimran: Now I do not have time just tell me.
Sabah: Look Nimran you will not tolerate it.
Nimran: At any cost I want to know this secret.
Sabah: Then okay listen. Before marriage I had fallen in love with a boy, his name is Rishi, I have given my heart to him, I did not want to marry you, I was compelled to marry you. Rishi is my love, Rishi is my life, now the structure of body is in front of you. I cannot help you, what had to happen, happened, that cannot be back, my body is here but my thoughts and soul are with Rishi, every time I am lost in thoughts that is why I am in such a condition.

Out of tolerance

Nimran: What rubbish are you saying, being my wife you are loving with someone else.
Nimran come out of tolerance slapped Sabah.
Sabah while weeping.
Sabah: I had told you, you will not bear it.
Nimran catching his head.
Nimran: You ruined my life, spoiled our family image watched out!
Next time you brought Rishi’s name on your mouth, hell will be your place.
Sabah: Now you have known about me, whatever you want do , I cannot forget Rishi, you are not my life Rishi is my life.
Nimran: In anger caught the hairs of Sabah and damned her.
Nimran: You ruined my life, now I shall ruin your life, if people get to know this then they will disgrace me then I shall not forgive you, being my wife you do love, you have touched my honor, have disgraced my family, I shall not have tolerated this at all. I did not marry you to love others, this is against our customs and rituals, people look our family with the eyes of respect. We are honorable people, we are ready to die for our customs and rituals, according to our customs and rituals you people’s place is only death. I warn you again, do not bring Rishi’s name again on your mouth, otherwise nobody will be bad then me.
Sabah: while weeping.
Sabah: You are not understanding me, I have loved Rishi, and he is my love, my soul is with him, and my structure is with you whatever you want, do, I do not care about your customs and rituals.
To live with you, death is better for me, whatever you do, I shall not forget Rishi.
Nimran became angry and caught her hairs and started beating her. There Nimran’s mother listened the weeping voice of Sabah and swiftly entered the room. Nimran was beating Sabah, mother caught Nimran to leave Sabah.
Mother: Nimran have you gone mad? What condition have you made of Sabah by beating her, leave Sabah, shameless, did not you feel shame taking hands on Sabah.
Nimran: No mother I shall not leave her, I shall put her to death, and she has disgraced me. She has put hands on the respect of our family, she has broken all the rules of our customs and rituals, and her place is hell.
Mother: Nimran, you have gone mad, get out of the room, you shameless, do not you feel shame taking us hands on your wife, your marriage was not done to beet your wife.
Nimran: Okay mother, I shall go but remember I shall not leave her alive.
Nimran came out of room, rod in the vehicle and left outside. Mother wiping the tears of Sabah and asked.
Mother in Law: What is the talk daughter, why did you make him so angry.
Sabah while weeping.
Sabah: Nothing so important, and started weeping further.
Mother: No daughter definitely there is something, tell me perhaps I could help you.
Sabah: Leave me on my condition, nobody can help me.
Mother: Alright daughter, I shall go, remember I have never seen Nimran in so much anger. If there is important talk so you must tell me, I shall make Nimran understand and shall also help you.
Mother came out and entered in her room.
Sabah wiping out her tears, laid on the bed and got lost in the thoughts of Rishi and talked to her. Rishi where are you. Why do not you take me from here, look, what is my condition come and take me away from here, so that we could love each other look Rishi I am yours, my soul is with you my every movement is yours, my life is unlawful without you. You are my love, without you my life is nothing, come look my condition, I have not forgotten you, and hope you will not forget me, at last we shall break the chains of this customs and rituals, we shall be together, we shall go very far away from this area. Sabah talking to herself about her friend Rishi and slept.
Rishi was wandering in the thoughts of Sabah, he goes to mother.
Mother said.
Mother: What is the talk, Son?
Rishi: Mother, I want to meet Sabah, she is remembering me, do not know what is her condition, I am feeling, she indulged in a trouble, I want to help her, I want to see her.
Mother: No son, you cannot go, now Sabah is Nimran’s wife. do not wish to her at all, forget her, our custom and rituals will not permit this at all, if you meet with someone’s wife, and if her husband will get to know this then what will be the condition, you must know that our society never allows such a thing.
Rishi: Mother, neither you care about me nor Sabah, you only care for your society’s customs and rituals. You do not think about our love that we love each other.
Mother coming in anger.
Mother: Enough son, Sabah is Nimran’s wife, she is no more your love what had to happen, happened. Now forget Sabah, Next time do not take her name.
Rishi: No mother, I shall not forget her, I shall meet her at all.
Suddenly Rishi’s father entered the room.
Father: What is the talk? also tell me.
Mother: Your son Rishi has gone mad; he is going to meet Sabah.
Father: Look Rishi, what had to happen, happened, previously Sabah was unmarried therefore we helped you, Now Sabah is Nimran’s wife, now we shall never tolerate that you go to meet Sabah. If Nimran will get to know this, then what will happen to Sabah, have you ever thought? And what will they think about us?
Rishi: Father, I love Sabah and she also loves me, I shall go to meet her.
Father Came in the anger and slapped Rishi then said
Father: Enough we have seen your madness, look if you brought Sabah’s name on your mouth nobody will be bad from me.
Father came out of room, Rishi lost in the thoughts of Sabah began talking to himself.
Sabah I cannot help you and do not know, in which condition you are, I want to meet you, but our society is not giving permission, without you my survival has become difficult. I am not understanding anything that what should I do, how to meet you, if I come home and Nimran get knowledge of this then what will happen to you? Sabah I am getting scared and very worried for you. Rishi while talking to himself lays down on the bed and sleeps.


Sabah on the bed closes her eyes and sleeps, so what she sees in the night mare. Rishi is standing smiling in front of her, she steps towards Rishi and takes him in her lap and kisses him so much that she has never done before, and says Rishi where had you gone? I was waiting for you, without you I have no life, my every moment is for you, you are my life. You are my desire, look what is my condition without you. Rishi while smiling for the first time kissing her forehead and takes her in his lap and both get lost in each other’s thoughts.
Suddenly Sabah’s eyes open, she searches Rishi while opening of the eyes, but she cannot find Rishi, she regrets why she woke up from the night mare that she whole life being in nightmare loved Rishi, she closed eyes, so that she could see Rishi again but now slumber was not coming to her.
She lost in thoughts of Rishi was laying on the bed and looking the roof, and her lips were telling, oh God: in what big ordeal you put me, I shall tolerate, but make me meet with my Rishi, I do not want anything without Rishi all the blessings of world, the buildings, vehicles, jewelries, decorations, I do not want nothing from them, I just want make me meet with my Rishi.
When Rishi lays on the bed and sleeps so sees in the nightmare that Sabah is weeping, Nimran has beaten her and changed her condition, she is calling Rishi for help.
Rishi in slumber cries out a loud voice, No, no, you cannot do so and gets up.
Rishi’s mother listens Rishi’s voice and enters in the room of Rishi.
Mother: What happened son, why you are crying?
Rishi: Mother, that, that, started weeping.
Mother: What is the talk son; why you are weeping; what happened?
Rishi: Mother, Sabah is very worried; her condition is very bed. Nimran had beaten her a lot, she is calling me for help, I shall go to Sabah.
Mother: This was a nightmare, nightmare is never true, how many times I have told you that take out Sabah from your heart, now she is not your, rather a wife of someone else.
Rishi: Yes, yes, I know that she is Nimran’s wife but she is also my love, her every sadness and worriment is mine, today she is in difficulty, she is calling me. I cannot help her.
Mother: Son, this is a nightmare, reality is something else in fact, Nimran does not belong from any poor family, he has every God given facilities, he can give every facility to Sabah, Sabah might be happy with him.
Rishi: Mother, how many facilities Nimran could provide her, but her heart is with me. I am feeling her. She is not happy with these facilities, rather she is feeling difficulties.
Mother: Son you saying about Sabah, and Sabah have (impaired) your mind therefore you see bed nightmares, get up son take Allah’s name wash your hands and face everything will be okay.
Rishi was getting that Sabah is in difficulty, but he could not do anything, because society was a great setback in front of him, he could not tell his heart’s words to anyone.
Nimran tells Sabah.
Nimran: are you forgotten Rishi or not?
Sabah: He is my love, my life, how can I forget him?
Nimran : You have made my life unpleasant, now look how I will make your life unhappy, you have put your hands on the respect of my family, have disgraced me, Now I cannot bear the taunt of people, now everybody could be saying this that Nimran’ wife is in love with someone else.
Sabah: I have told you before that my soul is with Rishi, and bosy structure is with you, whatever you want to do, do, because I am a women caste, nobody can help me in this society.
Nimran : Came in anger and caught the hairs of Sabah and beat her with stick so much that she became unconscious, Nimran left her and came out of the room. After a small period of time Nimran’s mother entered in the room and saw Sabah is laying unconscious she went to Sabah.
Mother in law : Oh daughter what happened, who made your this condition, called the family members, all house members collected, cold water was thrown on her face but Sabah did not come in consciousness, mother called Nimran, Nimran turned the phone off. Nimran’s mother swiftly in a rented car took Sabah to hospital.
Doctor took Sabah to emergency ward, Doctors checked Sabah’s pulse. Sabah was now alive. Doctor made little spirit smell her, after a short period of time Sabah’s eyes opened, Doctor wrote some tablets and gave them to mother in law.
And mother in law brought Sabah home. There Sabah’s parents knew about Sabah’s condition, they rode in the vehicle and came to hospital, But Sabah was taken from hospital to home, then they departure towards house, when Sabah’s mother reached home so Sabah was laying on the bed, her eyes were full of tears. Mother came closer and asked.
Mother: Sabah daughter how are you whose evil eyes caught you?
Sabah: With slow voice I am okay mother.
Mother: What did Doctor say?
Sabah Said nothing closed eyes and respired, mother addressing to Nimran’s mother asked.
Mother of Sabah: What did doctor say why did my daughter become unconscious?
Mother in law: Doctor said nothing serious just became unconscious due to weakness, has given tablets, she will be alright after taking tablets.
Sabah: Mother take me to your home I am not okay here.
Mother: Okay daughter let us go our home.
Mother, made Sabah sit in the car and took her home.
After a short period of time Nimran returned home, entered angrily in Sabah’s room, so Sabah was not present there, came out of room and looked the second room Sabah was also not there, went in his parents room, Sabah was also not there.
Nimran asked his mother.
Nimran: Mother where is Sabah?
Mother: Son, she had become unconscious, I made you phone many times but you did not attend my call, I took her to hospital, Doctor gave her tablets and brought her in consciousness, then we brought her home, Sabah’s mother had gotten information she also came, Sabah’s condition was bad, they took her with themselves.
Nimran : How did he go without my permission?
Mother: Son, Sabah’s health is very bad, go and ask her condition.
Nimran : For me her death is better.
Mother: Son, do not say like this she is your wife.
Nimran : No I do not want such a wife.
Mother: At last what is the matter, why you are in so anger?
Nimran : Well mother you do not know, she has disgraced our family, I cannot show my face to people.
Mother: Son, I am your mother, tell me clearly what is the matter?
Nimran : Sabah is not my wife she is lovers of someone else.
Mother: Oh my God! What are you saying son, Sabah was not such a girl, I did not listen anything about her.
Nimran: yes, yes, she was not such a girl, but she came to be such a girl a wolf in a sheep’s clothing .
She destroyed my life, she disgraced me, if people get to know about this then what will happen?
Mother: Well son you take rest God will make everything good. Sabah’s health will be good, so I shall ask her myself.
Sabah’s parents took Sabah to their home, she was make lay down on the bed.
Father: Sabah Daughter, how are you?
Sabah did not reply, but she was indicated from her eyes.
Mother: Daughter, say something.
But no answer comes from Sabah’s side. The whole body was paining, and due to pain she was very serious, Second day parents took Sabah to hospital.
Doctors did Sabah’s check up, when doctor took up Saba’s shirt up, so Sabah had many marks of stick, swiftly doctor while leaving the shirt of Sabah.
Doctor: Blood and urine of patient be tested soon in the laboratory, after sometimes result came, so got to know that Sabah has been beaten so much that her kidneys impaired.
Mother: Doctor how is our daughter?
Doctor while hiding the secret.
Doctor: Sabah’s kidney have failed, her treatment is not possible here. Take her to Quetta, perhaps she will be treated there.
Mother: Oh my God, what happened to my daughter?
Second day parents took Sabah to Quetta. The doctor again did the check up of Sabah, one Doctor took up the shirt of Sabah so he knew all the secrets.
Mother: Doctor how is my daughter?
Doctor : Your daughter has been beaten with the sticks, due to which her kidneys have failed. How she can survive,
who has beaten your daughter?
If you want, you can call police for investigation then we can treat.
Father: Nothing is like this, it is our personal matter. You continue treatment, we shall solve our problems ourselves.
Doctor: As you wish then admit the patient in the hospital,
Father: ok.
Sabah was admitted in the hospital for one weak.
Father while addressing to the Sabah’s Mother.
Father: Do you know why this matter happened?
Mother: Yes I know one day Nimran came to me he said that Sabah is upset and I want to know that what is the secret, then I went their home and asked Sabah, Sabah said that she was fallen in Rishi’s love, I begged her that now you are married, forget love, but she refused, perhaps Nimran knew this you know in our society such a things cannot be tolerate.
Father: Why did not you tell me before, I could him understand.
Mother: You compelled her to marry, Sabah was not ready for the marriage now you saw its outcome.
The family members of Nimran got to know this, Nimran’s mother said to Nimran.
Mother: Nimran son, Sabah has been admitted in the Quetta hospital; go to ask about her health.
Nimran: No mother, I shall not go, I am waiting for her death.
Mother: Son, do not talk like this, at last she is your wife and also cousin.
Nimran: Mother if you want to go, go but I shall not go.
After a week Sabah’s health became good little bit, and she was brought home. There Rishi got to know, so quickly he came to Sabah’s parents house, Sabah was laying on the bed, she smiled seeing Rishi and became happy little bit, Sabah indicated to Rishi throw her eyes to call him come closer.
Rishi came closer and asked.
Rishi: Sabah how are you?
Sabah: I am alright, I did not forget you, I miss you every time because I have nothing in life without you.
Rishi in a slow voice.
Rishi: I did not forget you too.
At that time Sabah’s mother and two more women had sit, due to which they could not talk to each other.
Sabah’s mother talking to Rishi.
Mother: Rishi sit and take tea.
Rishi: No mother , I do not want tea, just had to come to see Sabah, so saw, Now I am going, Rishi became happy from one side that she met Sabah, but on the other side seeing the condition of Sabah became sad. He could not bear Sabah’s condition.
Nimran got to know Sabah’s health has become better than before. But he did not want to see Sabah alive; he was thinking a plan to put Sabah to death. He brought a bottle of acid and went to Sabah’s house to ask about the health of Sabah in pretend. Sabah’s mother welcomed her son in law. But Sabah did not pay attention to him. Nimran addressed Sabah’s mother and asked.
Nimran: How is Sabah’s health?
Mother: Okay son, thanks to God, now she is better than before. Doctors did a great obedience on us while treating her on right time.
Nimran: Yes mother, good happened; now Sabah’s health became good my all family members were upset for Sabah.
Mother: Son you sit down near Sabah, I shall prepare tea for you.
Nimran: Okay mother.
When mother went to prepare tea, so Nimran started checking the tablets of Sabah. Sabah was not paying attention to Nimran at all. Nimran secretly mixed some acid in the syrup and sat down to his place.
Mother prepared tea and also brought some biscuits, poured tea for Nimran, Nimran took tea and took permission for leaving.
Mother: Son stay here sometime, eat food and then go.
Nimran: Thanks mother, I have some works that is why I am in hurry, if there is any work, tell me.
Nimran took permission and rode in his vehicle and departure towards his home, when Nimran reached his home so mother asked.
Mother: Son how was Sabah?
Nimran: She was Okay, soon I shall bring her home.
Mother: Good will, next times do not make such kind of mistakes.
Nimran: Okay mother, whatever you say I shall do so.
Night time Sabah’s tablet taking time came, so soon mother gave her tablets and syrup.
After a short time acid started its work, and Sabah’s health impaired again, mother became upset, suddenly why Sabah’s health became bad, in compulsion she was arrived again to Quetta hospital, when Doctor did Sabah’s checkup, so urgently told for Sabah’s urine and blood tests.
When result came, so it was known from the tablets that Sabah’s kidneys had worked little bit, but due to eating acid both kidneys have failed. But doctor kept this talk a secret.
Doctor: Sabah’s both kidneys have failed, that is why she should be admitted in the hospital.
Mother: Doctor nothing happened to my daughter.
Doctor: Yes, she will be alright within some days.
Sabah was kept in the hospital but her condition was worsening.
Rishi knew about the Sabah, he came to meet Sabah in the hospital, Sabah became happy seeing him, but she could not talk to him only through eyes she could indicate.
Sabah was saying.
Sabah: Look Rishi I did not forget you. Now I am also your love, now I am leaving this world. But did not cheat with my love.
Sabah’s eyes were trickling the tears of happiness, Rishi did not tolerate this condition of Sabah, and came out of ward. Now daily Rishi would go to hospital once. But Sabah’s health was impairing day by day.
The family members of Sabah had also known this that Sabah loved Rishi, and Nimran had known about their love. Due to which Nimran had beaten her, Sabah’s family members were happy. That by beating Sabah Nimran had done a great job, because they also did not want that Sabah love someone else without her husband. That is why they did not do a great struggle to save her life, Sabah’s mother did not want that her daughter to leave this world, rest of them all were happy. That Sabah die before one day, so that story of love of Rishi and Sabah finish.
Rishi’s father was a doctor: Rishi told his father.
Rishi: Dear father, Sabah’s health is very bad, you contact doctors so that Sabah’s life could be saved.
Father : Okay son, I shall contact doctors, and shall tell them to take care of her and treat her well, in hospital doctors were friends of Rishi’s father he contacted doctors to ask about Sabah.
Father: Doctor, what is the condition of Sabah?
For the first time as a doctor told Rishi’s father.
Doctor : Sabah’s both kidneys have failed and her survival is very difficult. But did not tell him that why her kidneys have failed, when father returned home so Rishi asked.
Rishi: Dear father what did doctors tell?
Father: Nothing.
Rishi: What is your purpose?
Father: Sabah’s both kidneys have failed, I have told doctors to treat Sabah very well.
Rishi: Thank dear father.
Sabah remained in the hospital for some days. But health did not become good, everybody was advising Sabah’s mother in her way. Somebody said your daughter is not being treated well in the hospital, you take her out of the hospital and treat her according to the herbs of your customs and rituals, and near a senior Maulvi is also present, and who treats by amulets.

Pious men

Sabah’s mother listened the instructions of the people. At last she became compelled to bring her from the hospital to their home, the women of the surrounding got to know, that Sabah has been brought back home, so ask healthiness, they started being collected, and their relatives also came, every women have an advice, Sabah’s mother started the treatment according to the herbs and with this also took her to the pious men, who could treat with amulets.
Pious man directed Sabah’s mother and asked.
Pious: For how long, your daughter is sick?
Mother: Approximately from three months.
Pious: Do you have enmity with the people?
Mother: No.
Pious : Are you know debt?
Mother: No.
Pious : Does Sabah scave in the nightmares?
Mother: No.
Pious : Sabah and her husband have good relations.
Mother: Yes they are very good wife and husband.
Pious : Sabah did not fight with her mother in law and father in law.
Mother: Sabah is not such a girl.
Pious : Did Sabah talk about jins and ghosts?
Mother: No.
Pious : While sleeping did Sabah see bad nightmares??
Mother: Sabah never talked to me whether he sees bad nightmares or not.
Pious : Before Sabah’s marriage, from how many houses relations had come for Sabah.
Mother: From many houses.
Pious : Had Sabah loved with a boy before marriage.
Mother: I do not know about this
Pious : Sabah’s friend are of which type?
Mother: I do not know about them, in fact they are not bad.
Pious stood and went in the second room, after sometimes brought two big books with himself. He put one book on the earth and started reading another, then drew a white page and started writing in it, after writing wrapped the page and put it on other side, then started writing on there page likely wrote five pages and wrapped them then addressed to Sabah’s mother and said.
Pious : There are five amulets.
Hang one amulet on the door which will not enter jins and ghosts inside.
Second tie on the left hand of Sabah,
Third put it under pillow.
Fourth tie it outside of the gate on its upwards.
Fifth amulet put it in the water and wash it and make the water drink to Sabah.
We give amulets and God gives healings.
Your daughter will be right with in some days.
Sabah’s mother taking the charms asked the other women.
Mother: How many rupees should I give for their charms?
Someone said give two hundred rupees, some said fifty, someone said five hundred, someone said thousand, at last Sabah’s mother drew one hundred and gave it to pious.
Pious, put the two hundred rupees in the pocket and thought only one hundred rupees for five amulets, then said.
Pious : If your daughter did not become good with from there charms then contact doctors.
Sabah’s mother said good bye to pious and returned back. Reaching home, hanged one amulet in the neck of Sabah and tied one on the hand, and put one under the pillow, and hanged one on the door and put one on the water and washed to make it drink Sabah. But Sabah was not in the condition to drink, however mother requested and by force made it drink. Mother was understanding that Sabah’s condition will be right. After a week Sabah’s health did not became good. Rather Sabah’s health worsened, her white face turned black she had become a structure of dead body. She had become very thin. Now Sabah’s mother believed that her daughter is the guest of some days, her mother requested her father that take my daughter to Karachi Hospital, perhaps the life of my child could be saved. But Sabah’s father refused, so mother while weeping said.
Mother: If you do not want to take my child to Karachi, I shall take her myself.
Sabah’s father after thinking said.
Father: Okay, ready for Karachi, tomorrow we have to go.
Now Sabah was unable to stand, two men took her and made her sit in the vehicle, Sabah’s weight had become half, after taking Sabah to Karachi doctors looked her condition and then asked them about previous tests.
Sabah’s mother showed the previous tests to the doctor. When doctor looked the tests once became very surprised and became very silent.
Mother: Doctor is everything okay? You are not talking.
Doctor: Very late, you have brought the Sabah very late to the hospital.
Mother: What do you mean?
Doctor: Means that you know Sabah’s both kidneys have failed. But you people did not pay any attention. Now Sabah’s body become a structure. What have you expected from her to live, sorry mother, Sabah is two days guest, take her home.
Mother’s face become paled listening the doctor.
Mother: Is now Sabah’s treatment impossible?
Doctor: Excuse me, treatment has a time, every disease if not treated on its time becomes impossible, Sabah’s whole physical systems has failed.
Mother: For God sake, Doctor do something to save my child.
Doctor: It has been very late.
Doctor comes out of the room.
Mother’s eyes become full of tears.
It is useless to cry over spilt milk.
Mother caught the hands of Sabha and looked towards her, Sabah’s whole body had become a structure her eyes were opened. But there was a smile on her face, she was happy and she had understood that it is useless to live in this society. She remembered a poetry.
We lived alone without being loyal.
The desires of heart went in the tears.
Tears came in her eyes, in last moments she wanted to see Rishi, But Rishi was not present there.
Sabah’s eyes slowly got closed and she forever said good bye to world. Likely Sabah got the reward of her Love.
Mother took Sabah in the lap and wept, my daughter do not let me go off, I am your guilty. I did not fulfill your desires, daughter forgive me. Because I was also senseless in front of the society, daughter forgive me, I could not do anything for you. Mother while weeping and addressed Sabah’s father and said.
Mother: Now you are happy, go celebrate joy, apply henna on your hands, Sabah forever left, now your society will make you wear garland, Sabah’s father become paled and came out of the room and sat on a lace and though. Oh my God forgive me I killed my own daughter, being senseless in front of customs and rituals of society. Now Sabah’s father had fat his mistake but now what could be taken. Sabah had left this world.
Preparations were made to bring the deceased body of Sabah, family members were informed on phone that Sabah has died, prepare to bury her. Sabah’s relations gathered. Tents were separated for men and women, Maulvi was informed.
Second day Sabah was made reached, Sabah’s friends and relatives gathered, women cried according to the customs and rituals.
Nimran was very happy, his goal fulfilled, Sabah’s brothers was also happy. When Rishi got to know, so he became very upset. Because he had lost his love forever, he started touching his head with the wall, his eyes were full of tears. Rishi’s father took Rishi in lap and made him sit on a place and consoled him and said,
Father: Let us go son look your love last time.
Rishi: No, I do not want to in that house.
Father: You are right. But for you last look is necessary.
Rishi: I shall not tolerate.
Father: Have to tolerate it, you have born in such a society where you to tolerate, go swiftly then it will be late.
Rishi: It is ok dear father let us go.
Rishi along with his father went, Sabah’s mother wept seeing Rishi, when Rishi went near Sabah, and stood and thought a women took the veil up from Sabah’s face, so Sabah’s white face had become black, and body had become dried due thinning , her bones were looking. But there was a smile on her face. Rishi could not bear it seeing her such a condition and came out of room. Sabah was laid down on a bed in a coffin, and a blanket was also laid on her body. Four people took her bray and left for funeral, rest of the people started coming from the back. After reaching funeral she was buried in the graveyard, and Maulvi started praying for her forgiveness, all the people helped the Maulvi and pray for her, and read Ameen Ameen. After finishing of pray people left for their homes.
After some days Rishi’s father went to Quetta, he had gotten some works there, where Sabah was under treatment. Father met with that doctor who had treated Sabah.
Doctor: How is your patient?
Father: She left the world.
Doctor: May Allah give her place in Jannah, look friend I confess in front of you, that when Sabah’s urine was tested, according to that test due to drinking acid Sabah’s kidneys had failed.
Father: What are you saying?
Doctor: Yes I am talking the truth.
Father: At that time why did not you tell?
Doctor: Look you are my friend that is why I told you, otherwise we do not tell secrets.
Father: I shall not forgive them, they are against humanity.
Second day Rishi’s father rode the vehicle and returned home. At night time reached home. Rishi, father, mother and grandfather were sitting and discussing, so father said.
Father: I had gone to hospital, I was told that acid was given to Sabah, due to which her both kidneys failed. Now I shall not forgive them. They are the enemies of humanity. I shall bring them in the court of justice.
Grandfather: Good what a talk son, what benefit would you get to bring them in the court of justice.
Father: They are the enemies of humanity, they have killed Sabah.
Grandfather: When Sabah was alive, she had come to your house, and she was begging love and life from your home and she said that she cannot live without Rishi, help her get her love, at that time what did you do? Without helping her you sent her to their parent’s house. When she was sick how much interest did you take to save her? That doctor why did not tell you at that time, that due to acid Sabah’s kidneys have failed. Now Sabah left this world being depressed from this society. Now you are seeking humanity, sit down relax. Now Sabah is not in this world and she does not need your justice.
Mother: But they have killed a human relentlessly. This is against humanity.
Grandfather: What had to happen, happened? Now Sabah is not in this world. Now that is the need to indulge in an enmity, you know in our society smallest things are exaggerated.
I such a justice system present in our society. That they find out who gave acid to Sabah. This story will only prolonged and nothing else. Your time will also go waste, and money also, and you will not swelled in your goal and bring the one to justice who made Sabah drink acid.
Father: Okay alright, what you say, I shall do so.
Likely Sabah gets the reward of her love, and the end of this story ends forever.

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Love story of Sabah

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