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Jewel of the servant

Jewel of the servant

Jewel of the servant

I was an independent human; I was moving everywhere freely.
I have many relational.
I met with everybody with a smile.
I loved my motherland.
I loved my nation.
I prided my culture.
I have gone everywhere, but don’t feel comfortable.
I Climb to the top of the sand and sang songs.

Lap of Mountains

I felt save myself in the lap of mountains.
I raised up to the top of mountains and loved the sight (scene).
The children of nation loved me.
The elders, respect me, and everybody hoped that I will study and take a higher place than served my land,
Help the poor,
Support the humbles,
Give sympathy to orphan’s,
Respect the elders,
Help the children in their education,
Give jobs to the jobless youths,
Create new things,
My name will be on the top of list in the world,
To stand the nation, shoulder to shoulder with another nation,
Make out rebels (trailer’s) from the land,
Put sands into the stomach of the trailer’s,
Bring the people on the truth way,
Respect the law,
Make friendship between the people,
At least I was honest with my nation and motherland.


My conscience was live,
There was nothing bad in my intention,
I was leaving for the nation and to die for our motherland,
I wanted to touch the stars on the sky,

Live Nation

I wanted to tell the world, we are a live nation,
I wanted to live in our motherland as a live nation,
I wanted to stand shoulder to shoulder with other nations,
I wanted to extract our nation from ignorance.
I was searching for wisdom, and the wisdom was nearest from me,
I was looking and moving its side,
I was feeling happy, and there was smiling waves moving on my face,
There was light blinking on my forehead.
I was feeling that I’m flying.
I was holding the flag of freedom,
Suddenly the jewelry of the servant was surrounding me,
But I wasn’t ready for that, and I didn’t think about it.
Dressed my eyes with black bandage,
Wear handcuff on my hands,
Tied my legs with a chain,
Torture my body,
Brainwashed my mind,
Hurtled my body,
From that day,
I was looking my home falling down,
Friends leaved friendship,
Relational leaved relationship,
At that time there wasn’t anyone to help me.
For the die, they put in front of me a painful death,
And for live, front of me was the “jewel of the servant”.
I must pick one of them,
My mind was not working,
My body was trembling by the reason of hurts,
Dressing of bandage on my eyes, every side was dark,
I was understanding nothing,
My tongue cackled,
My ears stopped listening,
My hands were left working,
My legs couldn’t move,
Than the wear me the “jewel of the servant”.
Greed stands my friend,
My conscience died,
They make me a leader.
Now wearing the jewelry of the servant,
I’m ruling the nation.
I don’t want poor children get better education, than to stand in my way.
I want to educate that class of children, their parents also wearing "jewelry of the servant" and stand shoulder to shoulder with me.
I don’t like that youth is getting wisdom.
Because I out the treasury from the motherland stomach.
If youth get wisdom, they will stand on my way,
And they don’t allow me to do what I want,
I don’t like it,
Now who starts talking about freedom,
I illustrate it as a violence,
Who starts stalking about education,
I will dress their mouth,
Who will talk about the union,
I will cut the chain,
Who will talk about the wisdom,
I remove them from the way,
Who will talk about the equity,
I cut their tongues,
Who will talk about the rights,
I push them in torture cells,
Because I’m a resident of this place.
I’m the owner of this land.
And I wear the "jewelry of servant".
If you want friendship with me then wear the "jewel of the servant" too.
I will wear you the wealth of jewelry.
Now you have only one way to remove me from the way or I remove you from your ways.

The End…..
Written by Shaikof Baloch

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