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How to win gambling

How to win gambling

How to win gambling

To win the gamble, along with luck, you must understand the method and have the Power

Odessa (City in Ukraine) is a very beautiful city. The Black Sea (which is called "Chornaya More" in Russian) was a touch with the city. It is also a major business cities in world

Black Sea

Once (USSR 1989) I went to the Black Sea beach with my friend. The sea was next to our hostel. Some people played gambling near the Sea. We went to them, so a man had three small glasses and a small ball. He placed the ball in a glass, then put all the glasses on the opposite ground. And then he replaced the place of glasses. It seemed that the ball was placed in a glass, it was clearly visible.
I received a scholarship total 90 rubles, and at that time I had fifty rubles left. I pulled 50 rubles out of my pocket and gave it to the person who was assigned this task.
The condition was as follows, cup that will rise, if there is a ball in this glass, then he will get 50 rubles. If not, he will have lost 50 rubles.


The gambler took fifty rubles and let me raise one glass. The glass on which my eyes were targeted, I lifted the same glass, but the glass was empty. I lost 50 rubles.
I did not have anything else, only the watch was tied to my hand. The one my brother gave me as a gift. I told the gambler, what will be the price of this watch. He said, 200 rubles. I was happy. I thought, If I win, then I'll get 200 Rubels.
A friend tried to stop me, that I should not repeat this mistake, but I refused to obey him and gave a watch to the gambler.
The second time I was allowed to raise a glass, glass, on which I aimed. I lifted the glass, but this glass was also empty. I lost "My watch" and "fifty rubles", playing gambling games. For the first time in my life, I played gambling, and this one also lost. I was very upset.
Friend said, Well, don't worry what happened, this month we will pass through some way.
I had two watch pens too. The other day we went to the store, and I gave a watch pen to the shopkeeper, she gave me twenty-four rubles. I was glad, I got this.
One day our Russian friend said us, let us go to the beach. We went to the beach with him, I did not know how to swim, so I was afraid. Black Sea was very deep, they both knew to swim, took off their clothes and walked to the sea and swam.
I also went to sea to swim and slowly stepped forward. I did not know how to swim, so I was looking for the help of the earth. Suddenly my feet got up off the ground and drowned, I was in the ocean and worried, closed my eyes and breathed then turn back.
to save myself, I moved my legs and arms, suddenly I felt that my feet on the ground, then opened my eyes, rose to the ground. Felt, I'm saved, thanks to God, came out of the sea.
Friends told me that I will return to the sea. I told them that I was drowned and saved, I will not come back.
At that time, I was surprised and thought:
“before making friendship with the sea, learn to swim”
A few days later I received a letter from Moscow, written in a letter. Your subject has been changed to a computer, also, city and institute have changed. I handed the letter to the director of Institute. The director took the letter and asked for a few days to prepare a visa.
I wandered around the city, waiting for a visa. some people sitting on the road playing gambling games. I went near them and I watched the players and tried to understand the game.
The glass that puts the ball in it, later in this glass there is no ball, why? And what is the procedure?
Because I repeatedly made mistakes, did not want to make a third mistake.

That's why said:
"Learn from mistakes."

I was watching the gambler's hands carefully. He was about to start a new game. He had three glasses and a ball in his hand. The glass in which he put the ball to show people. The same ball in the eyes of all the people. But my eyes were fixed on his fingers. Suddenly the ball was put in another glass through his fingers hidden from people. Only I understood this secret. And no one understood. When he put the three glasses on the ground. And changed the place of the glasses. Then a woman Giving fifty rubles, she picked up the first glass. But it was empty. All the money of the woman was the same fifty rubles. She started crying. But no one cared about her tears. She left crying. I had a watch pen in my pocket. I took the watch pen out of my pocket and showed the gambler how much it cost. He said fifty rubles. This time I knew under which glass the ball was placed. Now there were only two glasses. I raised a glass. The ball was lying under it. The gambler gave me fifty rubles. I was very happy that I got my fifty rubles back. The money had not been put in my pocket yet. Suddenly the gambling thugs caught me and said give us money or we will kill you. I told them I would not give them the money, because i haven't money and i need it so much. The money was in my fist. They pushed hard but could not open my fist. Someone was holding my hair. Someone was kicking. I shouted and shouted at the people and said,
Please help, help
These thugs are stealing my money. Save me.
One thing in Russia (USSR) I saw that there is no one to save you during the fight. Finally the gambler himself came and rescued me then I left. And I realized that


To win the gamble, along with luck, you must understand the method and have the Power.

After moving a little further, when I looked back, the thugs were watching at me like a wolf watching its prey. ”I raised my hand to them and said,“ I will see you guys. They started moving towards me. I ran. I was running and they was running after me. Suddenly the watch pen fell out of my pocket. And I didn't stop for it because I understood that if I stop I will pick up the pen. Then they will arrive. They came and picked up the Watch pen and stopped and stopped following me.
The institute was close by. I went to the institute to hide from them. From the day I thought that if gambling ends like this, then I will not gamble in the future. And from that day till today, I have never gambled, nor have I ever worn a second watch.
The End…..

Written by Shaikof


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