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First of all, we must know what is mean by education and how we understand the Education. As well as, we know that the meaning of the education is to know about something. When we are talking about education, its mean the human must know about himself, a human must know about the world, humans must know about the things present in this world.
How we know about ourselves?
Who am I?
What is my job?
What is my future?
How improve myself?
How I get benefit from things in this world?
How I help the world?
How I make good atmosphere?
How I use my abilities?
How I create new things?
There are many questions and we must know the answers.
Do you hope from our institutions they are giving good education?
Are they playing good role to improve our abilities?
Are they showing us to our goals?
Are they helping us to reach our goals?
I didn't see in our institutions which are doing this kind of work, because there aren't present good teachers, there are working only servants, the servants are thinking only about their salary, they didn't take an interest in the life of the students. They are thinking that the institution is not theirs and the students are studying in the institutions also not from their relations. Its mean there is a lack of good teachers. Our institutions are not giving us education they are teaching us only languages.
For example, our mother languages are Balochi and Brahvi. It’s mean till to 5 years’ age children are in the process to learn their mother language. After 5 years when they admit in school, the institution start teaches them new language is called Urdu. They teach them to read and write in Urdu language. Now a day in primary school also started 4th language is called English, and the teachers himself don't know English language, how they teach the students. It’s a big weight on the heads of the children.
After five years when children pass 5th class they don't able to understand Urdu and English languages, institution start new language is called Arabic. In this period many students can’t face the languages weight therefore 60% children dropped out from the institutions, now we must think about sixth class students they are facing to learn five languages (Balochi, Brahvi, Urdu, English, and Arabic).
And now what are you thinking, is the children are learning languages are getting education. People are thinking that if a student may speak in English, its mean he/she is educated. It’s our big mistake.
After metric 80% students dropped out from the institutions and 20% students take admission in various colleges, after college 98% students dropped out. And 1% or 2% students may take admission in universities and then they will try passing the exam through cheating. They are thinking that if they pass the exam and got degree it mean that they are now educated.

Good Education

To get a good education, we need good institutions and qualified teachers, and the institutions must teach children in their mother languages.
As well as Napoleon Said
“You give me good teachers and I give you good future"
Ignacio Estrada said:
"If the students can’t learn the way you are teaching, then teach them the way as they are learning"
In the new research to get a good education,
"Must teach the children in their own mother language"
Because children understand in good manner their own mother language and his first teacher is their mother.
Dr. Napoleon Hill said
"Use your abilities to bear the child at that time when you are able to teach them"
There is raising a question.
Do our institutions teach children in their Mother Language?
I can say that No.......
Because the institutions are teaching children only languages,
therefore children don't have any goals,
They don't know about their future.
They don't know about their world.
They don't know their self.

Education standard

What you think now what is the education standard in our city or in our country?
In our all life we are serving to learn only languages but we don't learn it in good manner then how we get educated. To get a good education, we must know mother language in good manner. And we need only one foreign language to communicate with the world.

The End…..

Written by Shaikof Baloch

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