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Development of GIS Module

Development of GIS Module

For development of GIS Module you must have this kind of Tools:

GPS Receiver

GPS Receiver is used To take Coordinates of the school/Building area from Satellite

Google Earth

Google Earth is used To Connect with World Map

ArcGIS Software

ArcGIS Software is used To edit Maps

GIS Module

to develop GIS Module, First of All Start Google Earth after that add School/Building Coordinates taken from satellite through GPS receiver or
Add KML file or
click Add Button from toolbar then from submenu select Placemark
Appears Google Earth - Edit Placemark dialogue window
Enter the Name, Latitude and Longitude coordinates

When you add School/Building Coordinates taken from satellite Google Earth automatically search and show the school/Building area through the points we are taken through GPS receiver.

To design the Blocks, Right click on the Polygon folder, from left side menu then select layer add Polygon then draw Block area.

To design the Boundary wall, Right click on the Line folder, appears a menu, from menu select add Line then draw Boundary wall area.

Blocks and boundary wall are drawn, now it’s a time to save the Image as a type of *.Jpg or *.KML file. From menu file select save then select Save Image

Appears a dialogue, on the dialogue window file name area, write file name and click button Save.

You saved your work now it’s a time to Minimize Google Earth, for this on the right side upper corner of the title bar click button Minimize.

Now it’s a time to start ArcGis software without closing Google earth: From the desktop of your PC Start ArcGIS and then from Dialogue window select Template Blank Map.

Now we want To Add Data, click button (+) sign from the Toolbar of the ArcMap.

Appears a dialogue window, From Dialogue Window Select folder (training Data) and file which type is *.Shp (District.shp) and then click Button Add.

Appears a dialogue window, From Dialogue Window Select folder (training Data) and file which type is *.Shp (District.shp) and then click Button Add.

Now open Attribute Table:
First of all from the left side of the Content table select Districts layer than right click, appears a context menu, from menu select open attribute table

Appears a Table, Select District Area from the Table then select show selected record.

Look on the Map District Nushki, which is Selected in the Table and other tables hidden.

Now its time to Export data:
Right click on the layer district then from the menu select Data then select Export data.
District->data->export data

Appears a dialogue window Export Data, From Export Data window select destination file named output.shp

Appears a dialogue window Saving data. From Saving data window select folder where you want to save *.Shp file then click Button Save.

Appears a ArcMap window, From ArcMap window select yes to save exported data to the Layer.

Exported data added to the ArcMap as a layer in to Table of Contents.

Now we want to Add JPG Image (which was saved from Google earth) to the ArcMap as a Layer.
For this purpose click Add data (+) button from the toolbar.

Appears a dialogue window Add Data. From dialogue window Add Data select folder then image file (which was saved from Google earth) HS- sahibzada-Nki.jpg, after that click button Add.

Image Added to the ArcMap into the Table of Content as a Layer.

Zoom Image Layer:
From the Table of Contents select layer Hs sahibzada Nki then click right button, appears a menu, from the menu select Zoom to layer.
Layer Hs sahibzada Nki -> Zoom to layer

Jpg Image zoomed on the layer, but District map is looking very small on the top of image shown below in the pic.

Add control Points: First of all from the toolbar click button Add control points then click on Image once after that right click on image, appears a Menu.

From the Menu Click Input X and Y coordinates, after that appears a window Enter coordinates.

Now we want to enter Geo-reference coordinates for X and Y. open Google Earth again.

From Google Earth layer Sahibzada Nki select point P1 than right click on layer, appears a menu, from menu select properties. P1 -> properties

Appears a dialogue window, from dialogue window select longitude decimal area than copy coordinates for X, you can select copy from menu or press Ctrl+C from keyboard.

Again activate ArcMap and paste the longitude values for X and latitude values for Y coordinates.

Coordinates X and Y are entered for point P1.
As well as enter X, Y coordinates values for point P2, P3 and P4.

After entering coordinates X, Y for points P1 and P2, our map look like this. now Zoom the Map.

2nd point done.png

After zooming Map our two points look like this shown below. now if you want enter two other coordinates X, Y for points P3 and P4, enter it. which we were did for Points P1 and P2, otherwise its ok.

2 point showd place.png

Update Geo-referencing:
To update Geo-referencing from the toolbar select Georeferncing, appears a menu, from the menu click update Georeferencing.

update georeference.png

After updating the Georeferencing move the layer Hs sahibzad Nki.jpg at the top.

Data Layout:
To make a data layout, from the Menu Toolbar select menu view, appears menu view, then from menu click layout view.

make data layout.png

Now add new frame than Copy and Paste School area in Frame shown Below.

H/S Killi Sahibzada Nushki

Our all work is done.

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