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My destination


My Destination

I am going, where to and why?
By which way and for what?
I don’t know. If someone knows, please tell me, where is my destination?
I didn’t find my destination but it is my wish to reach on my destination. I have no preparation for it and didn’t take any support. I was searching only for my destination and till today. I am searching but my destination is not being seen, today I am a passenger, I haven’t home and no residence I am going only by the help of God. No one tried to help me and I didn’t ask anyone, why they aren’t helping me.
Morning time I go outside, at evening I come back. I am going towards my destination, but I come back home. I can’t understand what is the reason? I didn’t find its reason, there was a time when people were ready helping me, they wanted to take me to my destination, then I was not ready, now when I am ready there no one to take me.
At the end, which reason is there? I fear from my friends and they fear of me, and they hiding everything. I can’t tell them the truth, and they are too. I am giving my hand to them, they are going back a step. I am trying to take one step forward they imagine me a mental. I think I am an intelligent, they are laughing at me. I am looking at them, they are hiding eyes from me, and perhaps now my memory is unable to understand. What should I do? Where to go?

My Destination

Now I have left friendship, and I am unable for friendship in front of me there is darkness, there isn’t anybody to help me. I understand to get my destination take the help of the night. Because in the darkness of the night everything is equal for me, and the night is the friend that takes me any destination, now at the daytime I will hide myself from the people and enjoying the night.
When the day is dark, it will be bright at night, when my night Is bright then my day will be bright. When the people are sleeping, I am waking, people are dreaming dreams, and I am going to my destination. There are mountains and deserts on my way, forest and grounds, flowers and nails, sends and stone, rivers and sea. Now I do not need day, because I am passenger of night, whom they are night passengers, their life is on their hand palm, they don't fear from death, they challenge the death. Therefore, I disconnected connection with old friends. I am searching for new friends, if anybody wants to be my fellow at night and take me to my destination, I will be his friend and I will scarify everything for them, they will be my leaders, I am ready to listen and obey them.
I had departed for my destination, it’s not so far, it takes only some dark nights. When I will arrive at my destination, that day will be my happiest day, tear’s will flow from my eyes, friend will come to congratulate me, which will be lucky night. I will again be friend of my friends, relation of my relational, everywhere there will be happy, the dark nights will be change in brightness. The stars will spread the brightness, the planets will start smilingly. There will be moon beams. The sea views will change with happiness, we will fall down injustice walls and will make humanity wall. We will finish the lord and servant concept everywhere there will be happiness, it is my destination and it is my goal. .
THE END..................
Written by Shaikof Baloch

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