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Bushes of Balochistan used in medicine

Bushes of Balochistan used in medicine

Herbs and Bushes of Balochistan used in medicine

Baluchistan is local domestic of a few natural plants. In Baluchistan, various wild herbs have been collected and sold in the local market by local community. However, very constrained medical know-how is to be had at the capacity herbs, which may be cultivated and applied for exclusive purposes. The vulnerability of medicinal herbs and spices to over-exploitation and extinction want to be dealt pragmatically. The worries and problems concerning the conservation of those plant life might be addressedvia quite a few sports related to top authorities and non-governmental companies of the sector

Herbs and Plants

Herbs and plants names in Balochi translated into English
Arwa - اروہ - A bush with poisonous seeds used in medicine
Izgindh - ازگند - The drug for fever
Ispanthan - اسپنتان - Harmala seed used as a drug
Aashish - آشاس - A bush drug used for cough
Birnjak - برنجک - Medicine for cough
Bangera - بينگرہ - A bush for fever
Zarch - زارچ - Barberry
Sik - سک - Bush used in medicine
Simsok - سمسوک - Plant decation used for fever
Shaampashthar - شامپشتير - Bush used as fuel
Kalpora - کلپورہ - Boiss used as fever cure
Karwaan kash - کاروان کش - Pterophyrum fuel
Kandrak - کندرک - Used in medicine
Maarmooth - مارموت - Roots used as drug for fever
Metato - مٹيٹو - a drug used for fever
Mek thothiaa - ميک توتيا - Roots used as drug for eyes
Boae Maadraan - بوۓمادران - Fodder for sheep and goats
Panair Bandh - پنيربند - Also used in medicine seed used for making cheeze
Pee Pilee - پى پلى - A cooling drug bush
Harpak - ہرپک - Bush drug for fever
Parchenk - پرچينک - Wild lavender fodder for cattle's and used in medicine
Thola Angoor - تولہ انگور - Plant leaves are used for rheumatism
Jaowr - جور - Poisonous bush now domesticated as a flower
Dandanshek - دنداںشک - Wild plant seed used as medicine for toothache
Dhathura - دھتورا - The black dhatura
Daranne - درنہ - Bush used as a medicine
Guldehr, Gardher - گلدر،گردر - A plant drug for malarial fever
Ganch - گنچ - Colocynth drug for colic in animals
Gwathak - گواتگ - A plant used in medicine
Gwanjak - گونجک - A plant used in medicine
Mehr - مہر - A bush used in medicine
Morpozhow - مورپوژو - A bush used in medicine
Naromb - نرومب - Ephedra
Washdaar - وشدار - Liquorice
Ganda raem - گندہ ريم - Plant used for a medicine for cough
Ganda ko - گنداکو - Garden rue seed used as drug
Pitik - پنک - A drug
Padavee - پنک،پداوى - A drug
Parchink - پرچنک - Wild lavender fodder for cattle and used in medicine
Shaad - شاد - Roots used for washing clothes
Shathar - شتر - Root used for curing leather
Kark - کرک - A bush as a drug
Kamarkash - کمرکش - A bush with milky as a drug
Kandhok - کندوک - Used in a medicine
Glaar Girdir - گلار،گردر - A plant drug for molianal fever
Geench - گينچ - Drug for cobi in animal
Laaboo - لابو - Also used as a food by poor people in sacrcity
Tetoo - ٹيٹو - Salvia
hingg - ہنگ - Drug
heaars - ہيارس - Cooling drink
Panaerbaad - پنیرباد - Seeds of panaerbaad used for treatment of stomach, grind seeds and drink with water or eat whole 2 or 3 seeds with water

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