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Between the Water and sky

Between the Water and sky

Between the Water and Sky

It was the summer season. The weather was very pleasant. The sea was quiet. Birds flew and swam over the sea. People were talking to each other, lying on the beach. Some people stood and looked at Seaside. There was also a cafe by the sea, where people loved to sit on chairs, taking ice cream. The mountains were at the edge of the sea. Various types of grass and trees have grown. Above the mountain was a huge restaurant. There were different types of programs and games. Cedar went for a walk on the beach with his friends. Everywhere there was happiness, it seemed that everyone was happy, and it seemed that it was a paradise where people had no grief. Suddenly a quick wind began. Waves began to change in high waves. Looking at the sea, where the waves spoke from heaven. Cedar climbed the mountains with his friends. People began to run from all sides. Waves reached the edges. Everything flew because of the wind speed. People were crying loudly. Everyone called for help. Today there was no one to help. Everyone was in trouble to save himself. The storm hit the mountain, the sound was so terrible that everyone would like to get rid of it. Boats were hit by mountains and collapse. On the beaches, cafes, shops, houses, everything was sown in the sea. After climbing the mountain, Cedar recalled his friends, but the Friends left him. Cedar entered the restaurant on the top of the mountain. People in the restaurant did not know about the storm.

In the restaurant

There was music in the restaurant, one guy was singing, and some girls were dancing. Some people drank bottles while sitting on chairs. There was a beautiful girl who looked at Cedar. When he looked into her eyes, she seemed to say something to Cedar “coming to me”. He began to move toward her. He saw many beautiful girls in the world, but he could not see such a beautiful girl. Her thin body, her beautiful eyes, her beautiful face, her red lips, her long hair. Cedar lost himself and fell in love with her, and also forgot about the storm. On the one hand, everyone was in trouble from the storm, but on the other hand, Cedar forgot everything with the love of a beautiful girl. On the one hand, the storm water strike on the walls of the restaurant and fell into the restaurant, on the other hand, looking into the eyes of her lover he forgot everything. The storm destroyed thousands of houses, many houses flowed into the water, and thousands of people drowned in the water. Previously, the sea was only on one side, now the water was on all sides. He put his hands on her hands, and his lips quivered slightly. it seemed that Cedar wanted to say something to a beautiful girl. "I've been looking for you all my life." He took her hands on his hands and closed his lips with her lips, fell in love with this beauty and forgot everything. After a while, when Cedar opened his eyes, he saw that there was water around him, and there were no people. He stood between the water and sky.
The End…..

Written by Shaikof

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