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One wise old man was sitting on the roadside in front of a village. One passenger was passing the road, he asked from the old man. I left my village and want settle in this village, what kind of people are living in this village?
The wise old man asked from the passenger, what kind of people were living in your village?
The passenger answered; “there are living meanness, cruel, characterless people.
The wise old man said “here is also that kind of people living”.
The passenger gets answered, then he took its way.
After some time, another passenger came, the old man was sitting at that place. He asked from the old man, what kind of people are living in this village?
The old man also asked from him, what kinds of people were living in your village? The passenger said “in our village living, kind, lovely, gentle, and good people” old man said “here are also you can find that kind of people.
“Generally, we are not looking world, as it is, we are looking world as we are, often it’s happening the behavior of people opposite of our behavior, if our intentions are not good, then we will think that other people’s intentions also not good. Jan Shokera”.
What kind of thought do we adhere to about others, they also keep such thoughts about us.. If we will think on good manner about others, adopt plus manner, keep good conduct’s help other's in their work, make good relation with others, respect other’s then they also think in good manner about us, adopt good manner, respect us, as well as they know how we respect them.
If we think negatively about other’s, adopt negative manner, that they are from the lower class, we are from greater class, don't respect them, which kind of conduct we will elect with other’s they also elect that kind of conduct with us, we are misunderstanding that if we will have much money, we will rich, then other people respect us.
I don’t think, that people respect us if we have much money. No anyone respect others for its money, people respect others about their behavior.
If a person’s behavior is good, then people respect him. If the behavior isn’t good, then people not interesting with him. If you will take interest with other people, then they also take interest with you.
I have a cabin in 1994 in Ukraine, every day I bought things wholesales shops. There was one wholesale company near of our hostel, the company brings things from Poland. One day I went to buy some things from that company. At that time labors were absent, but the owner of the company was there. I said him, I need things for a shop. He said Ok, then I gave him money, he separated things and carried with me and put it in the motor car. The motor car was parked from company about hundred meters. Beside this he has twenty cabins, many buses, about fifty labor’s worked with him, but he was a simple man, his behavior was good with people, he didn’t think that he is greater than others. He was a rich man, but wear simple cloth.
One day I sat in a local bus. I saw a man also sitting in that local bus, he was the owner of that company, he was young and simple. Certainly to earn much money it is not so big action, but after the earning money, which kind of behavior you show the people, it is important, because with money you can buy good things, but you can’t buy good friend, with money you can build a big building, but you can’t buy respect.
Therefore, greater Napoleon Ill said;
"You change your thoughts, then everything automatically will change around of your world”.
Certainly which kind of relation we make with the people and in which position we will meet the people, we also get that kind of result. If we think that they are characterless, indecent, wicked, immoral and un-respectable, then what you think, they throw at you flowers, certainly not, they also keep that kind of conduct with you. To live with respect in the world, behavior plays a big role.
Change your thoughts, makes good relation with people, make your own play mind, help other’s in their work, hear people. If anyone teas you, don't answer him, if you answered him its mean, you and he is equal, if you haven’t answered him, then you are greater.
One scholar said, peoples didn't recognize from there words, they recognize from their work. You are impressed with the views of the people, every day you are in check and balance. People look and check your steps, because you are a member of the society. Your every step will grow good or bad moments. The society isn't interested with your wealth, but it's interesting with your existing. First of all, you must know yourself, get control on yourself, and in your behavior there’s an acquaintance of your future.
“What kind of behavior you do with other people, they also commit such behavior with you”.
The End…...

Written by Shaikof Baloch

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