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Boosting of Man Power

Balochistan herbs used for Man Power

Boosting of Man Power

Erectile disorder is a circumstance that influences a person’s capacity to acquire or hold an erection appropriate for sex.
The circumstance can have an effect on guys at any age, however consistent with the American Academy of Family Physicians, erectile disorder (ED) is maximum not unusualplace while a person is seventy five years or older.
Recent improvements in clinical remedies suggest that there are actually greater medicines to be had to lessen erectile disorder (ED).

there are many Balochistan herbs uses for boosting of Man Power

Bushes and Herbs names in Balochi translated into English مردانگی طاقت - Mardangee Thaqat - Man Power

Herbs use for boosting of Man Power

1- کمرکش - Kamarkash - A bush with milky as a drug";
2- زارچ - Zarch - Barberry";
3- کمرغڑز - KamarGhrhz
4- سخت سوپاری- Sakht sopaari
5- مازگ - Maazg
6- یکتارامصلی - yaktara musallee
7- پنجہ دار مصلی- panja daar musallee
8- ہڈ بند - Had bandh - a stone as a salt
9- کِشمِش - Kish mish - Raisin Grape
10- جوز - jawz - Pignut
11- چارمغزہ - Chaarmaghza
12- پستہ - Pista - Pistachio
13- بادام - Baadaam - Almond
14- چمی شکر - Chamee Shkar - Pop Sugar
15- ٹکی پورچنکی - Tikee purchinki -
1. Grind All herbs together then eat a spoon at morning and evening with milk. affects a man’s ability to achieve or maintain an erection suitable for sex.

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