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Treatment of hepatitis

Balochistan herbs used for hepatitis

Balochistan herbs used for treatment of hepatitis

There are many herbs in Balochistan uses for treatment of hepatitis
زردوئی -Zardoi - Hepatitis

Herbs names in Balochi translated into English
Three herbs name use for hepatitis
1- خرخُروُد - Kharkhoroodh - make from yogurt Milk
2- مارمُوتک - Maarmoothk - a herb
3- اناردانہ - Anardaana - pomegranate seeds
1. Grind All three herbs together then eat a spoon at morning and evening.
2. Drink Boiled water
3. Drink Sugarcane juice

Don't Use:
1. Fry food
2. Hydrogenated Oils
3. Spice
4. Alcohol
5. Tap water
6. Junk foods
7. White Flour
8. Artificial Sweeteners
9. Processed Foods
10. Dairy Products

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