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Treatment of Cough

Balochistan herbs used for Cough

Baluchistan herbs used for treatment of Cough

زکام - Zukaam - Cough

1- تورموری - Thormori -or- کوئی چا -Koi chaa - A bush Germinates mountain areas"
2. گندہ ریم - Ganda Raem - A bush
3. سمسوک - Simsok - A bush Germinates mountain areas

Treatment of cough

Method :
For treatment of cough we are using ThorMori (Herbs found in Balochistan Mountains called Thormori)
1: Boil water the put together thormori and green tea and put little bit sugar, then drink usually you are drinking tea.
2: Boil Ganda Raem and put little bit sugar, then drink usually as you are drinking tea.

3: Massage your throat with Vicks (Baam).
4: A popular home remedy for coughs is mixing honey with Green Tea or only with warm water
5: Even in this period you feel fever.
Treatment of Fever use Panadol Extra tablet.
there are many herbs found in Baluchistan used for treatment of Cough
Herbs names in Baluchi translated into English

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