Monday, 11 November 2019

Design Showpieces

Design beautiful showpieces made of clay and get money

Design Showpieces

Sit at home, Design beautiful showpieces made of clay from stones and convex mirror with various shapes.

How to Design beautiful showpieces

To designe shopieces you need the following apparaus.


1. Showpiece made of clay
2. Spray color
3. Glue
4. Small stones
5. Small pieces of convex mirror.

First of all, pick the Showpiece made of clay, then draw the sketch of the flower on the front side with the help of the pencil.

When the flower sketch completed, then start the gluing into the sketched areas of the Showpiece made of clay, via Glue.

Designing Flower

Designing Flower with small stones in various shapes such as flowers
After the gluing sketched areas of the showpiece, fix the stones upon gluing portion, along with its place a small amount of glue, and then press the stones with a finger, then fix each stone to the other sketched area of the showpiece shown below Pic.

When one sketched portion filled with stones, then start gluing second portion and follow the steps.
If you don't follow the above instructions, it may cause numerous empty spaces on the showpiece. Therefore, fix each stone to the other.

Color the showpiece

After the completing the stratification of the stones, next to this to color the showpiece with various colors, but we are going to do it with only one color, you may use various colors.
Take the spray color and start coloring from the top of the showpiece till to the end, then back from the end to top of the showpiece the same area.

If you don't follow the above instructions, it may cause numerous empty spaces on the showpiece. Therefore, color from top to the end and back from end to the top.
After completing amazing designs, the next tool is to fix or paste small pieces of rounded or any shape of convex mirror on the cup.

convex mirror

Designing of small pieces of convex mirror with various shapes
Select the Showpiece which you have already designed with stones and colored and paste glue the empty places over it, and quickly sticking pieces of convex mirror around the Showpiece, now design the showpiece with your own choice.

Finally the designed showpiece is ready, further you can make many designed showpieces by using the above instruction.
Now you can get the marketing of your products.

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